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Apple introduces iOS 5 at WWDC

Promo_ios5 Steve Jobs  spoke at the WWDC Monday where he and Apple VP Scott Forstall unveiled the iOS 5 for the first time.  The iOS 5 is the successor to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches operating system, iOS 4.  Jobs was excited abut the possibilities of the iOS 5, and so too are Long Islanders, who can’t wait for the next step in iOS use.

Apple is an important company to consumers.  Their products allow for high performance, and is one of the most popular brands throughout the country.

The iOS 5 seems to be another leap forward in computing on the iOS platform, said Apple VP Scott Forstall.  The newest edition will be even more streamlined, with new a new notification system and deeper Twitter integration.  

Software updates are now over the air, and a new iPhone can be setup and updated without a computer sync, said Forstall. The iPhone can even be synced to iTunes over WiFi, and is done automatically.

The new notification system will allow iOS users to receive all of their notifications in one place, the Notification Center, said Forstall.  The Notification Center puts a simple animation on the top of the screen during a notification, and does not interrupt other app usage, as opposed to the current system.

Mail too is getting an overhaul which will provide for a streamlined experience.

Another important addition to iOS 5 is News Stand.  News Stand is essentially iBooks for magazines and newspapers.  It allows users to subscribe and read magazines on the go, including the iPhone.  The material can be also be read offline.

Twitter now has a deeper presence on the iPhone, according to Forstall. It is now built into the iPhone and other iOS devices, and is integrated into Apps including both those made by Apple and Third Party apps.  Basically, it allows the user to Tweet anything they do on the iPhone or iOS device.

Safari is also getting an update on the iOS.  According to Forstall, Safari Reader will allow for a streamlined experience while browsing.  “(It) works great on iPad and iPhone,” Forstall said.  Tabbed browsing will also make its way to Safari, and should make for quick switching between tabs while browsing.

Reminders is another addition that allows iOS users to make their own lists.  Forstall said Reminders can create multiple lists, along with notifications on the list and geocentric reminders.

The Camera is also getting an important overhaul that should allow for easier camera access.  By double tapping the home button and a camera icon, the user will get quick access to the camera.  

Forstall went on to explain the new shutter button will be the volume up button, and there will be touch screen controls for grid lines, zoom and camera focus controls.  Apple is aiming to become the most popular camera on not just the mobile phone market, but the entire camera market.

Perhaps most importantly, the keyboard is getting a major overhaul.  The keyboard is now ergonomic, and the keys are smaller, which makes it easier for thumb typing, Forstall said.

Forstall also touched briefly on iMessage, a new app that allows for total communication between iOS 5 users.

 The iOS 5 will be released this fall, and will be available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, 3rd Generation iPod Touch and 4th Generation iPod Touch.



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