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An Evening of Firsts

Some days, when I leave my office dead to the world in the evening, I have a baseball itch that the television and computer just can't fix. Yesterday was one of those days. So, following the drill, I raced home, changed into more comfortable gear and headed straight for Sox Park.

My friend, Pie -- a semi-regular on the RSBS Podcasts and an all around Tiger lovin' fiend -- came with me.

And boy were we in for some treats.

Not only was the weather perfect, but so was Brent Morel's glove skills and Carlos Quentin's stroke. The game moved along at a nice, brisk pace... except when young Tiger hurler Andy Oliver was busy walking the bases loaded and giving up cheap runs. But perhaps the most satisfying part of this early summer contest is that it bore three firsts, something baseball is apt to do.

For example, last night Adam Dunn got his very FIRST hit off a lefty this season! And it was of the slow dribbler infield variety, proof that the baseball gods love extended metaphors even for big burly worthless(?) free agent signings!

Also, this game featured a homerun by none other than Juan Pierre! Only his 15th career homerun in 11+ seasons, I had to ask Pie if I was dreaming when he pulled the ball up and out of deep right center as it was the very FIRST homerun I've ever seen Juan hit with my own eyes.

And, with the White Sox ultimately winning the game, last night presented to me the very FIRST time I've ever seen a disgruntled fan (my friend, Pie) take his scorecard -- the same scorecard he meticulously filled out in detail during the entire game -- and throw it away.

He threw it away!!!

I cried. A little. I hate to see a good scorecard die the same death as chewed gum, empty water bottles and hot dog boxes. But in this case, I am just filing this one away with the rest of the extended metaphors. May they extend until they can extend no more...

Hate me 'cuz you can, just don't hate me 'cuz I'm right.





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