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Why Do Managers Wear Uniforms???

Many of you may ask, "why do Managers wear uniforms?"  The answer: Tradition.  From the days when the Manager was just one of the players.  It was common for a player to be the "Designated Manager," according to Ken Burns.  

So, does that answer work for you?  Personally, I think it's ridiculous!  

I can't think of another sport in which the manager/coach wears a players uniform.  Could you see Peter Laviolette standing behind the bench donning a Flyers jersey?  How about Doug Collins standing on the sideline wearing a Sixers tank top?  That would be ridiculous, right?  If so, then shouldn't it be ridiculous for a baseball Manager to wear one too?  Well... it is!

I will accept the reality that we're going to dress the coaches up in uniforms, but if they're going to do it for traditional purposes, I want it to be truly authentic!  That means: I want them to wear cleats!  I want them to wear batting gloves!  I want them to wear a cup!  You may not be able to see the cup, but there is a way to check for it.  Just like when I played little league, start swinging a bat.  Anyone not wearing a cup will run!

The reality: Will they wear cleats - NO!  Will they wear batting gloves - NO!  Will they wear a cup - NO!  Why?... Because it's flat out ridiculous!  These are items players wear.  Since a manager/coach does not play, there is no need for them to wear these items.  The same reason they shouldn't wear a uniform!

What Should They Wear?  

Suit:  Standard in the NHL and NBA, once upon a time in the NFL.  This is definitely classy and clearly defines who's in charge.  That said, it's probably a bit much for baseball.  The days of Connie Mack are long gone.  It would look odd for a businessman to make a pitching change.  Not to mention the comfort factor in ninety degree weather.

Connie Mack in Suit

The NFL Look:  This is an "anything goes" approach.  Similar to the NFL itself.  Some NFL coaches have class and present themselves well, but you have to be careful of somebody pulling a Bill Belichick.  I could just see it now, Charlie Manual heading out to make a pitching change wearing a Phillies hoodie with cut-off sleeves.  Eh, I'll pass!

NFL Head Coach Uniform.  Pure Class!!

Business Casual:  I think I'm hitting uncharted ground here.  Ok... picture if you will, khaki pants and a polo shirt.  I know this combination could not have possibly been thought up yet, but I think I could be on to something.  Can anybody explain why this wouldn't make sense?  It would look clean, it would present a uniform image (all coaches would wear the same outfit in team colors), and would be appropriate to the position.  

Couldn't Manual be dressed like the guy next to him?

These are good options, but here's what I'm pushing for... 

The Nascar Approach:  Yes, this is ridiculous, but then again, so is wearing a players uniform when you aren't even allowed to play.  This idea takes advantage of the Manager's position on multiple levels.  First of all, the Manager doesn't play, so it really doesn't matter what he wears.  Second, he get's tons of exposure (TV time), why not take advantage of that?  I propose we turn them into walking billboards.  

If you believe this would be a slap in the face to the dignity of the game, you are right.  Keep in mind, however, that advertising is a source of revenue.  When there is revenue to be had, there is very little dignity left.  Example: in the late 90's, MLB realized that 70-plus home run seasons equaled revenue.  Therefore, they turned a blind eye to steroids and allowed sacred records to be tarnished.  I think that's where we're headed, we might as well get it out of the way now.  On a positive note, this could actually be beneficial.  Think about it - if Charlie Manual was sponsored by Microsoft, Google, Ford, etc., we just may have been able to sign Lee and keep Werth too. 

Phillies Coaching Staff.

What do you think?


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The answer is simple: MLB rules state that one must wear a uniform in order to enter the field of play, with the exception of a trainer. Therefore, a manager wouldn't be able to pull a Pitcher Or even talk with his players on the field. Albeit rare, but throughout history player/managers were common and the tradition stuck. Baseball is the one constant thoughout our Nation's history and all of it's traditions must be preserved or the one true pastime of our country will most definitely become obsolete. What's next, replay like every other sport? Personally, I prefer the game at it's purest, strange traditions and all.

TreyRab, Thanks for the comment! I guess I should revise my question. The rules require a Manager to wear a uniform to enter the playing field.... question is, why do the rules require that? A Manager never enters the field when the game is live. He only enters between plays... in essence, during a time-out. When you talk about keeping the game pure, don't forget Connie Mack. One of the most legendary Managers of all time. He always wore a suit!

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