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Tom Brady: the New King Farouk, Celebrity Par Excellance!


For those too young to recall, King Farouk was a notorious figurehead celebrity for most of his life. He appeared endlessly and tirelessly in the media who followed his every move. A deposed and despised king of Egypt, he went everywhere, did everything, and usually had a beautiful wife nearby. He lived in palaces and spent money endlessly.

It sounds like history repeating itself yet again with Tom Brady.

This off-season for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady has come into his royal togs, the king of the NFL, now dethroned and wandering the earth while in lockout. With his stunning wife, Giselle, Tom has been flying faster than jets can keep up with him.

He continues to build a mansion worthy of Farouk in Brentwood. 

It may become the blueprint for years to come, Patriot fans. Once the game is over, Tom will be in your headlines and dreams, showing up for every trendy event that needs an envelope to reveal the winner.

In just a few months of 2011, we have spotted Tom Brady, in no particular order, with his locks longer than Alexander the Great, watching a Red Sox game at Anaheim.

He took his elder son to Disneyland, the original one in California, where he posed with cartoon cutouts come to life, Sleeping Beauty and Her Prince.

He took in a football game over at  UCLA with his son and joined David Beckham and his son for a little bonding.

Later he was knocking off gin and tonics with the best of the high-hatted spectators around Churchill Downs at the Kentucky Derby. Tom’s locks were under a natty hat, and it wasn’t a Yankee cap, but something more like a Fedora.

Lately Tom and Giselle have been vacationing (what else?) in the hot spots of Mexico where he has been filmed sliding down a waterslide with all the aplomb of a five-year old.

Tom was seen dancing, or perhaps shaking off fire ants from his T-shirt, in Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval.

Tom and Giselle have been putting in appearances at charity events in the Big Apple.

Dark glasses and fancy outfits, Uggs boots notwithstanding, Tom continues his quest to rival King Farouk, appearing anywhere and everywhere, enjoying life to the fullest.

Alas, the unhappy ending to Farouk was his appetite for fast living. Upon reaching his 40s, he reached 300 pounds. He collapsed at the dinner table after eating one too many cream puffs.

A lesson from history, it should be brought to the attention of Tom Brady before it’s too late. If he’s not careful, Tom could end up on Dancing With The Stars—or the World’s Biggest Loser!


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what a stupid article

Yes, most people who read my humor say the same thing.

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