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The Kid From Brooklyn - Muhlenberg College

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The Kid From Brooklyn Rants about Muhlenberg College in his latest rant.



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To enlighten you, Muhlenberg is a liberal arts college located in Allentown, Pennsylvania and was established in 1848. The beautiful canpus, in a picturesque setting, houses approximately 2100 students. The center piece is the Hass Tower beautifully lit at night which is an exact duplicate of the same tower at Oxford University in England. The college emphasises further education with an unusual number of students continuing their education beyond Muhlenberg to achieve masters and doctorate degrees. In the main rotunda of the capital of the United States, there are statues of 50 men each respresenting their respective states. Most people would think Ben Franklin would be the logical choice for the Pennsylvania entry. However, it is Mr. Muhlenberg that was chosen to have his statue in the rotunda. The Muhlenberg family, although very religious, always seemed to keep a relatively low profile. Consequently, that is probably the reason you never heard of their family and Muhlenberg College. My daughter went there and graduated cum laude. Now that you know more about the college, please either take down that website or replace it with a more endearing edition. Thank you.

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