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Reflections of the Indians for 5/13/2011

My co-workers are not baseball fans. One does not show interest in sports outwardly and the other is a basketball fan. I, on the other hand, cannot get into basketball and am a diehard baseball fan. Yet, this 2011 Cleveland Indians team has us all watching the Cleveland Indians on breaks and downtime.

I work in a building down the street from Progressive Field. The crowd kept coming well into the 2nd inning. There were 8519 walkups for last night's game. We saw a packed garage in our building. A vehicle with a Washington liscence plate was spotted in the garage. I said to my one co-worker, "See, Seattle bring its fans all the way from Washington to see them play.", though that was not confirmed However the fans were coming and coming and coming. It was the return of Wedge, college ID night, fireworks Friday and dollar hot dog night. This generally brings larger numbers to the park.

My co-workers sat down to watch the game during our break. Fausto was looking like he did in 2007 ALDS Game 2 with the bugs mowing down the Mariners early. I did not tweet or comment what was going on so as to distract a possible repeat of history.The history referred to May 15, 1981 and Len Barker's perfect game. Fausto showed signs early of repeating this feat.

Even  though perfection did not occur because of a homerun surrendered to Carlos Peguero, the Indians still had the lead due to outstanding pitching by Fister and Carmona. I was so confident that I returned to perform scheduled work duties. Once the work duties were complete, I returned to find my supervisor tell me that the Indians were down 4-2 after Fausto could not hold the lead. My supervisor told me that he would not have let Carmona pitch after giving up three runs in one inning. I politely told him that this is why we do not manage or coach baseball for a living.

The Indians were down to their last at bat in the 9th. I wanted to get up to return to work duties but found as did my co-worker and supervisor that this game was not over. We were just mesmerized by such a large crowd. It was ironic as the inning started that in the top of the inning Peguero who added a homerun earlier,  made an error by forgetting there was only one out. He did not return to first base in time and was doubled up at first. I was telling my co-workers who were in agreement that Wedge would probably fine Peguero for that move.

Peguero added to the mess by letting two fly balls get by him to the wall by Brantley and Asdrubal Cabrera. My wife, who was at the game told me the balls were not catchable. The TV told me otherwise. This let the Indians cut their deficit to 4-3 with 0 out. Choo sacrificed A-Cab over to third with 1 out. I just hoped for a tie score. When Carlos Santana was not able to score A-Cab, I was concerned and if looks could tell the story, Asdrubal's look said "I did all this work  and this is where I will stay. " But then it happened. With an 0-1 count, Travis "Pronk" Hafner launched one deep but it looked like the center fielder for Seattle might actually catch it. Yet, the ball sailed off into the night to give the Indians another walkoff win. Their last 5 wins at home have been in their last at bat.

It has been this kind of season. A "What if" season. A batmagic season. A season blessed by God as if prayed for by the late Bob Feller. Thankfully, it continues to amaze and develop. Cleveland Indians. Established 1901.


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