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NFL News; Mediation Done Until June 7

The NFL lockout continues to drag on and I for one am getting less and less optimistic that a settlement will be reached in time to not seriously affect the season. The spin from the owners is that progress is being made; "The only way we're going to get this accomplished is by face-by-face dialogue and really digging into these issues and I think we had a good step in that direction today and I hope it continues," said NFL general counsel Jeff Pash. "I'm confident it's going to continue and we'll be back early next month to continue this process. The chief judge is doing an excellent job in terms of pushing the parties to think about their positions and think about the broader issues that are at stake here."

Sorry, but explain to me why there is a three week break if you are making progress? Also, if things are going well you should not need to be pushed into meetings by a mediator.

As an avid NFL fan I wish someone involved would step up and show some leadership.

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