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NFL News; Mara Warns Of Dire Consequences Should The Players Win

New York Giants owner John Mara, one of the most respected owners in the NFL has a dim view of what the NFL would look like should the players win in court:


"The likely changes would be great for NFLPA lawyers, but not for players, teams, or, most importantly, fans," Mara wrote. "For example, there could be no league-wide minimum player salaries, with many players making less than they do today, or no minimum team player costs, with many clubs cutting payrolls the way some teams do in other sports. Other bedrock components of the NFL's competitiveness, such as the draft, would be called into question and assailed as antitrust violations.

"A steroid-testing program is a must, so we would have to consider an independent administrator such as WADA. There could be varying player benefit plans from team to team, and limits on the ability to enforce other league-wide rules that benefit players, especially rank-and-file players that do not go to the Pro Bowl."

Whether or not Mara is correct one thing is certain; the Owners and the Players must come together and do so quickly and agree on something fair and equitable for both sides. The NFL is, in my opinion, the best run sport on the planet. The NFL is also immensely popular. However, during these trying times when folks are struggling to stay afloat, keep or find jobs and pay the mortgage, football is a luxury.

It is a luxury many will choose to do without should these clowns not get their acts together soon.

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