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NBA News: Predictions

Okay after this crazy weekend of upsets and the knowledge that a new NBA Champion would be crowned this year, I have a beef with the would be predictions of who is going to vie for the NBA crown. Okay with the Los Angeles Lakers getting dusted by the Dallas Mavericks over the weekend, people are getting a little overzealous with their choices. The one that I'm hearing frequently out of every ones mouths is that the Mavs are going to meet the Miami Heat in the NBA Final. Really?? Really?? based on what?? I know, I know, its just an opinion, hell you have these predictions flying around just before the season started. Case in point those predictions are a crap shoot because you have to factor how the team is presently constituted, injuries, in season trades, match-ups, the list is endless.

Right now the field is narrowed down immensely because were in the second round of the playoffs but just because the Mavs knocked off the two time defending NBA Champs people are already putting them in the NBA Finals. Oh they seem to forget the Mavs actually have to play another round to even get to the Finals. Last I looked Miami is not done with the Boston Celtics just yet......Going up 2-0 they liked to have everyone believe they had it in the bag but the Celtics brought Miami and everyone else back to reality on Saturday when they took the Heat 97-81 to make the series 2-1. Even if Miami makes it past Boston they still have to contend with the winner of Atlanta & Chicago. Atlanta made sure they taught Orlando Magic guard Jameer Nelson that its not wise to have preconceptions that you are going to be in the next round. The Hawks are now basically telling the Bulls with their series tied at 2-2, if you think your better then us, think again......

Did anyone expect the Memphis Grizzlies to knock off the San Antonio Spurs and go up 2-1 on the Oklahoma City Thunder. Anyone??? Honestly, how you play one team in the previous round is not always reflected in the next one. I know as fans, critics, and analyst were entitled to our opinion but let the games play out first before we start reacting to some ripple in the NBA space time continuum.......nuff said

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