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NBA News: The King is Here!!!

When you are at the top there is a chance that your reign is eventually going to come to an end......It could be internal issues that can cause the demise of a Dynasty. It could be age or mental breakdowns within. The more evident is when a more powerful and superior force just overruns you. That is the case of the Boston Celtics when they got eliminated by the Miami Heat last night in their Eastern Conference semi-final playoff series. With a 97-87 victory over the Celtics, Lebron James looked like a man that banished demons that have been haunting him for a while now. Suffice to say the drama queen made a spectacle of it when the final buzzer sounded, kneeling down on the court looking like he was holding back his emotions. I'll give it to Lebron for stepping up with ten straight points in the final period and closing out the Celtics. With his stingy defense and 33 point barrage he put a stake in the heart of Boston and put them down for good. For one night he proved that he can close out a game and he did it against his most fearsome nemesis. He had help of course, Dwayne Wade dropped an impressive 34 points.

The part that intrigues me in all this is when he offered an apology on how he handled his exit from the Cavaliers last year.......

“I couldn’t do it by myself against that team,” James said. “I apologize for the way it happened, but I knew this opportunity was once in a lifetime.”

Listen if Lebron felt that he had to join up with Wade and Chris Bosh to take on the Celtics or any of the other NBA elite, fine I'm not going to knock him for it, James is within his right. I for one was not in agreement of it because I felt it took away his status as a superstar, something that was growing leaps and bounds in Cleveland. Some argued back that Lebron needed help or another budding superstar to compete and win a championship. Look the Celtics did it, with the "Big Three" of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. I would define those three as players on the other side of their careers going for the gusto, but thats just me.

Lebron's apology was basically how he handled his departure from Cleveland with "The Decision" and the antics when he donned a Miami Heat uniform......I would have more respect for him if Lebron maintained that arrogant attitude about how he handled it in the first place, don't back track now. Funny how Lebron said he couldn't do it by himself when he was in Cleveland, yet James didn't say that when he was hoisting two back-to-back MVPs and running roughshod through the league with the best record. Its hilarious that Lebron and those same cast of characters had the Celtics by the throat and James decided all of a sudden to go into this fog like state in last years playoffs. When everything was said and done he couldn't wait to get that uniform off his back, literally.......Look we all have seen this movie before and I'm curious to see how Lebron acts when Miami hits that inevitable wall. Oh its going to happen, and we will see who he is going to throw under the bus this time.......nuff said

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