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NBA News: Pippen said what???

Basketball Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen says Michael Jordan was the greatest scorer ever, but LeBron James could be the greatest NBA player ever. In an interview this morning on ESPN Radio Mike and Mike, Scottie Pippen was interviewed by Mike Greenberg and Chris Broussard who was filling in for Mike Golic and that was the startling response he gave to a question in regards to that mythical label of greatest basketball player of all time.......Scottie must be joking right, did he forget who he played alongside with all those years.......First lets put all the championships aside, Michael's six to Lebron's zero. I would like to think Lebron's story is not written yet but Pippen can't be serious.....Now I know Scottie said Lebron could achieve that, but to go on and say that Lebron has a more all around game then Michael is crazy. Last I look Jordan was not just a scorer.....His body of work is so big that I can't even list it, so here look for yourself -

Mike's game is so immense Lebron can't even sniff what Jordan did even if he tried. Why would Scottie even give Lebron credit even over himself. Yeah I said it.....Other then the 2 MVP rewards to Lebron's credit, he is not on par with Scottie Pippen. You would like to think that Lebron fashioned his game after Scottie or more closer to Magic Johnson. Listen Lebrons physical attributes may be some what better then Mikes but we all know he can't surpass Mike on any level. Mike has dominated in so many different stages with a greater amount of difficulty. True the eras may be different by a decade but Mike has not only done it in the NBA, also the collegiate and olympic stage.....Lebron can't really say that.....In high school he was a man among boys.....true he lived up to the hype and top billing by skipping college and going to the NBA but I don't agree with Scottie's assessment, not at all. If he had said Kobe Bryant, okay yeah that would of made more sense but Lebron??

Most would look at this as a veiled shot by Scottie. Why not? You think Scottie always liked living with the distinction that all his accomplishments was because of Jordan. Mike said it himself in his infamous Hall of Fame speech, that he wouldn't of won those championships without Pippen. Isn't that enough, the great one gave you the acknowledgement, why would you even care what others think at this point......I know, where is the ring without Mike but hey where is Mike's ring without you.......The real question is, where is Lebron's ring period?...........nuff said

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Comments the artical and thought to myself that Pippen is right...LeBron is a better player than Jordan was at 27. I repeat "better at 27". Yes a better complete player...(ex. Three point shot is there for LeBron. Jordan had to develop it as you can see in the gaterade comercial.) Oh and by the way Lebron's about to win his fisrt ring a year younger than the great MJ. Now what Lebron does after this well either erase Jordan from our minds, forever make us compare the two or solidfiy that Lebron can't hold MJ's jock stap..well as it was said in the artical..TBD...

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