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NBA News: Consulting Kobe

"Looking back on it, we should have contacted Kobe," Those are the words of Jim Buss, Los Angeles Lakers VP of Player Personnel Saturday night in an interview with the LA Times.

This was in regards to the Lakers hiring of Mike Brown without consulting Kobe Bryant about the decision first. Brown who was brought on to be the successor of Phil Jackson was a surprise move to everyone. Kobe in particular expected and even endorsed longtime assistant Brian Shaw who served under Jackson to be named coach. Browns interview impressed the Buss family and his defensive principles made him a clear choice for the job. Remember Brown previously coached Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was let go last summer prior to Lebron bolting to the Miami Heat.........Now this is strange....The Lakers, particularly the Buss family have always been confident with their management decisions. They have always drafted and fielded great teams throughout the years, reason being why they are one of the most successful franchises in NBA history. So its weird that Jim went on and said that.

First you ask, why Brown and not Shaw? Look Shaw will get his chance, but he is still green right now. Yes he was an assistant to Phil, the team is familiar with him, etc...but this team needs a more experienced coach at this point and time. Also this is one of those cases where Phil's strategies may have to go with him and I'm talking about the Triangle Offense......Despite its success throughout the years we know many players are not too fond of that complicated offensive system that Phil Jackson and Tex Winter made so famous. As for Brown, despite one appearance in the NBA finals back in 2007 and Coach of the Year honors in 2009 under the Cavs, it has been widely perceived that Brown had been riding the talent of Lebron James in his 5-years in Cleveland......Name me a coach who thrived without great players.......Kobe as far as we can see doesn't have a problem with the hiring, its just that there is this notion he was slighted in the decision process.......Really now.....I thought this was a business (something the players so famously like saying these days)...what happened to the old saying that management manages and players play.....Yes the players, especially the stars like Kobe puts fannies in the seats, make the organization and the league a slew of money, but do they really want to complicate themselves with everyday decisions? noooo.....Honestly do Kobe or any of the Lakers think they are in any position to have a say after the way they were bounced in the Western Conference semi-finals against the Dallas Mavericks in a four game sweep..........Maybe over the summer they need to reacquire that focus that made them back-to-back champs. Listen Brown has decent credentials, had a stunning interview, he even got a winning endorsement from "King James", (cough) excuse me, Lebron James.......What more do you want? nuff said.

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