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MLB Power Rankings: Joe Buck and Baseball’s 15 Most Hated Broadcasters

For the most part, it is great when you can watch your favorite team's home broadcast. You know the announcers and for the most part, you enjoy listening to them.

Occasionally, you have to watch the away broadcast, or the game is on ESPN, and you hear announcers that you can't stand. The announcers are part of the experience of watching a baseball game, and if you have a bad announcer, it can completely ruin it.

15) Daron Sutton

14) Michael Kay

13) Rick Sutcliffe

12) Gary Thorne

11) Tim McCarver

10) Rob Dibble

9) DeWayne Staats

8) Jeff Brantley

7) John Sterling

6) Chip Carey

5) John Miller

4) Ken “Hawk” Harrelson

3) Joe Buck

2) Suzyn Waldman

1) Joe Morgan

For a more detailed analysis, check here.


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