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Infinity Blade update released for iOS

S2 An update was released today for Infinity Blade, the popular iPhone and iPad app that now allows for online multiplayer.  Infinity Blade was originally released last year to outstanding reviews, and set records for app sales in its first week of release.

This new update adds the online multiplayer and survival feature.  The online multiplayer is an interesting add-on because it allows each player to play as both the knight and monsters of the single player mode.  

The online multiplayer works much like a tennis match, where the competitors take turns playing the role in sets, which are won by winning four of the seven points played.  After each point, the player can upgrade their character using cash earned from the previous point.  

It’s an interesting spin, but the mode has some reliability issues, causing freezing and miscommunication in early trials.  There will probably be a minor update to tweak this mode.

The other major facet of the update is the survival mode.  This is essentially an offline endurance mode with the same upgrade system as the multiplayer mode.  Survival mode has no glitches, and while it is less innovative than the multiplayer mode, it is simpler to run, and doesn’t rely on an internet connection to play.

Additions to the campaign mode include more weapons, shields, helmets and rings.

This seems like the final major update for Infinity Blade.  The Coming Soon tab is gone from the pause menu, signifying ChAIR might be done with the game until its sequel.  

On the bright side, ChAIR decided to put Infinity Blade on sale for $3 to coincide with the update.  If you haven’t already downloaded Infinity Blade, it’s definitely worth a download while it’s half-off.


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