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Collies In The Meadow-Tragedy For Friend, Please Pray!

Tonight I received a call from a friend telling me something was wrong with her dog. So I ran down to her house and when I got there I find her Kira laying under a tree and she will not respond even though she is wide awake. The symptoms remind me of what my Niamh had when she died.  I was later told it was probably a heart attack. 

So, I help her get Kira to the car and rush her off to get to the Pet Hospital!  As I write this I am awaiting word of what is happening.  I am praying for my friend and for Kira!  I ask my readers to pray for Kira.  May God have mercy and help her to recover and to guide the Animal Doctors in helping her.

Kira has many times went for walks with my collies and I and we always have a grand time.  I fear for my friend and I am fearing for Kira. 

100_0092 Kira is my friend and she is a elderly dog like I am. Please pray for her!



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