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Collies In The Meadow- RIP KIRA

When the phone rang my heart sank for I knew it was way too quick and Kira must be gone.  Sure enough..... 

As I walked down to help my friend prepare Kira for burial my mind went back through the years when Kira and Georgia would go for walks with my collies and I.  I thought about how Big Hallie and her would play and play and run around having so much fun. Well, now her and Hallie are up there running around having fun waiting for us.

I thought about how Kira loved water and always jumped in even in the coldest weather.  Rivers, lakes, mud puddles and even the swamp she would jump in and it was fun!  However, the swamp stank and that was no fun.....

Kira was always happy and loved our walks and made us laugh endlessly. She last went for a walk with us about two weeks ago......  She landed in a mud puddle then and I laughed. 

Another baby I knew and loved is gone.  She may not have been my baby, or dog as some would call her, but I still miss her and weep for her.....

RIP dear Kira!  Say hi to Hallie for me.....


Hallie Fav. Hallie and Kira enjoyed each other's company!  Now they run together in the fields of heaven!  RIP Kira!  Say hi to Hallie for me....


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