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Chicago Cubs Return to Fenway Park Once Every 100 Years!


Return with us now, for those thrilling days of yesteryear!

The 1918 World Series rides again!  Recalling the Babe as a pitcher, the Red Sox today wore throwback uniforms, as did their opponents, the Cubs.

Surprising to some, the Red Sox usually played their big games, like the World Series, down the street at the larger Braves Field. Playing the 1918 Series at Fenway turned out to be an aberration.

Of course, as far as milliners can tell, the two teams did not wear polyester. As far as is known, teams did not auction off their unwashed uniforms that same day for charity.

The Red Sox and the Cubs are together again at Fenway Park this weekend of May, 2011. Hardly a man is now alive who was there in 1918 to watch the players run up Duffy’s Cliff or note the extra signage.  The Cliff was a small embankment that rose up to the Wall, not quite as steep as Bunker Hill. Players could see the whites of the eyes of the fans.

Actually, running up Duffy’s Cliff would be particularly difficult since these were the expensive seats for fans that plopped down on the grass to peak over the left fielder’s shoulder.

Back during the 1918 season, fans could actually sit on the little hill before the wall. These were the premium and prototype Monster Seats. A paying customer could catch a fair ball off the wall. We don’t expect to see that again.

The Green Monster was made like a wooden horse, covered with cheap ads, sort of like today. Within a few years it would burn to the ground and be replaced by a Monster with more steel resolve inside.

Was the big wall even known as the Green Monster in those days? No one knows. If true, Wally should not be making an appearance to keep in line with the solemnity of the day.

The Wall was not even painted green until after World War II. Before that, it was just the plain old Monster.

Hot shot pitcher Babe Ruth sat in the dugout for the Sox because there was no bullpen in right field. 

Today, Adrian Gonzalez is the new Babe of Red Sox hitting, and the Babe’s old teammate Tim Wakefield is still pitching for the Sox.


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