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Calling all Sports Haters! The Most Overused and Misused Word of the Year!


Lately a rash of comments have appeared on various posts that denigrate the writer as a “hater.”

This appears to be the replacement term for what used to be called various name-calling fads, including the now out of fashion term, gay. Finally, that one is being put to rest.

But I am growing weary of hearing people apply the term "hater" to anything or anyone with whom they disagree.

To qualify as a hater, you apparently have to have a contrary opinion to the writer. The person who uses the term “hater” is often the person who is the more bilious and often the more ready to spread venom.

For those wondering, poison is ingested, but venom is injected. To spray hateful labels, including “hater,” strikes this writer as philistine fatuity.

You also must be considered overly critical, illogical, and somewhat cruel. I suppose it's a reaction to a previous hateful comment.  Whatever happened to the notion that two wrongs don't make a right?

Of course, this lets out anyone with a sense of humor. How dare we ridicule vanity and other deadly sins!

It seems that the latest moniker bestowed on others suggests that the opposite opinion belongs, apparently, a lover. I don't see much love in calling people names.

The term is overused and misused in the sports scene to allege anything from homophobia to racism. In fact, it is mostly applied to those who speak of something amiss, wrong, or unpleasant.

Hating people is a waste of energy and counterproductive, but running all over the Internet and painting any other person with the label may be just as much of a guilty motive.

Far worse than haters are the apathetic and agnostic types who sit by and don’t give a rat’s rear about people, sports, or vile comments.

It’s time to shut down those who are quick on the draw, shooting off their “hater” charge like firecrackers on the Fourth of July.


William Russo has written several books on sports, using satire and a barbed needle. Some of his works include RAJON RONDO: SUPERSTAR! as well as GREAT SPORTS STORIES: THE LEGENDARY FILMS. His work is available both in print and as an e-book. Check them out on


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That was! Awesome!

Thank you, John. As much as I prefer not to blog as a bully pulpit, the proliferation of the word "hater" has become an epidemic.

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