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Baseball is an ecstatic and a humbling game

 Last Friday, the crowds came out and the Indians Travis Hafner drove the Indians to a dramatic last at bat win. The next two days were a washout. While we fans were still all wet, the Indians took their show on the road and scored 26 total runs and gave up 4 runs against Kansas City to start off 2-0 on the road trip. Everyone was hitting and crushing Kansas City. It was way too easy. I was thinking this was the team I picked for 81-81?

Wednesday came and the White Sox were on the schedule. I was thinking positive vibes until this news came over twitter that said Travis "Pronk" Hafner was pulled from the lineup. It was easy to see, despite the enlarged strike zone and awesome effort by Jake Peavy, that the Indians did not appear to be mentally in the game.

Thursday had the news that Hafner was going to have an MRI on Friday (today). As I adjusted to the news that Hafner now was joining Sizemore on the DL, more news came that was NOT good! Travis Buck reportedly had turf toe. I think highly of Buck. Following him in Spring Training reports, I know he has the ability to have moments to launch the baseball and drive in runs.

So Sizemore, Hafner and Buck were out at least, for the night and conventional wisdom says its going to be awhile. This news hurts. I think it hurt the psyche of the team for the series against the White Sox too. We all looked as though we needed 5 hour energy. Meanwhile, Kansas City won Thursday over the Rangers and were acting like we did on Monday.

Now the 81-81 record appears to be optimistic or realistic again for the club. However, I have learned that like a mustard seed, faith can move mountains. We must hang on and watch what this club can truly do to help overcome this adversity. The kids must try to become better despite these setbacks. We shall see if they can rise to the occasion beginning tomorrow. Stay tuned. Right now, they are 26-15 and remain 5 games up in the division. Hang in there fans and pray! I know I will, win or lose.


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Stay true to your team and your love of the game even through adversity! No one said it would be easy! Go Tribe!

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