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Why won’t the media investigate LAUSD?

In the last decades LAUSD has had the Belmont issues, the payroll mess, and so many more problems that have been brought to the public eye.

More recently, there has been the Superintendent serving on the board for LAUSD supplier Scholastic Books, a LAUSD employee directing business to his own company, a firm headed by the spouse of a Board Members chief of staff granted a school as a charter, and the hundreds of million dollars that went to employees whose temporary positions had ended.

Those of us with some knowledge of LAUSD and how they do business believe that these problems are just the tip of the iceberg. There are contracts with real estate firms, public relations firms, and legal firms, while the district has departments for all three areas.

With layoffs everywhere at the schools; with programs being cut; and with class sizes jumping higher, no one has shown significant cuts in the outside administration and bureaucracy.

My question is why is there no investigation of how LAUSD uses public funds—our tax dollars? Forget city or statewide elected officials, as they are all in bed with LAUSD officials. The unions serving LAUSD employees —particularly the teacher’s union—are out for themselves.

What about the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Daily News? LA Weekly and other media, especially those online, as well as T. V. and radio stations don’t seek to force an investigation and to have LAUSD open its books to public scrutiny.

Commenters to my columns and to those of other writers, continually complain about the District especially the bureaucracy, hints of fraud in the building of schools, and most of all the waste of money—money that is spent on people out of touch with the schools—instead of people at the schools—the students.

It’s not too late to force the district to open up its books;
It’s not too late to force the district to have an audit;
It’s not too late to file suit to have the district put their money into the schools and to decimate the out of school administration and bureaucracy.


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