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What I Learned This Weekend

First off, I learned that there was not enough talk about me.  I mean c'mon, how is this egomaniac going to function if there is no talk, or mentioning of myself...It's frustrating.  I mean when the whole world seemed to be wrapped up in this possible government shutdown, The Masters, or for the dolts who need to put their two cents in on any blog...Snooki getting paid more money to speak at Rutgers than a Nobel Prize Winner.

Calig So Friday Night after the MLB decided to play the bulk of interesting games at 1p.m., the only thing that remotely interested me was our elected officials do the "Hokey Pokey and Pull the Taxpayers Pants Down" show.  Entertaining to hear newscasters say, "well only a few Billion dollars separates the Republicans and Democrats Plans."  Thank god the lunacy was shared with my friends who came over with dinner and a nice bottle of scotch.  Lesson Learned?  Have friends come over with food and booze and watch our modern day Caligula's give us the reach-around.

Now, onto the Masters...It's this tournament, TPC Sawgrass, the British Open, and The Ryder Cup I get a hard on for and will dedicate my precious time to watch as much as humanly possible.

...I was rooting for McIlroy, he was leading final day, and I went to my local golf course watering hole to watch the end.  Somewhere between mybowel movement, the 5 minute drive to the bar, and exchanging pleasantries with the locals, Rory was not even on TV anymore.  I'm watching a guy named Charl Schwartzel win this.  I don't know who he is, and because he never mentioned me before in any conversation, I don't think he exists.  Lesson learned?  Charl Schwartzel doesn't exist, and Rory McIlroy should wait after I'm through in the bathroom before he S#%t's the bed.  

Snooki Snooki...Guest speaking at Rutgers University.  RU students who voted for her to be a guest speaker should face their predecessor's who are of elite and illustrious alumni and bow their collective heads and pray that none of these said alumni are making the decisions on hiring these Rutgers Students.  Ooooh the foolishness of youth.  I'm kinda glad I dropped the whole idea of focusing all my best and awesome effortsto what is becoming a laughing stock of a school.  Lesson learned?  Don't blame Snooki for being what she is, just ignore her, place the blame where it should go.  Other lesson, even though there was not enough talk about me, I forgive you. 


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Rutgers University Class of 91

I can't tell you how much that wench getting $32k from my alma mater just drives me nuts. That school which begs for money like a cheap ho in a cheap motel can kiss my no-more-fundrasing-ass.

When I was there that school didn't give a crap about me, I'm still surprised that they spent the money to give me my diploma. Trust me when I say that being a middle size white guy in the Electrical Engineering Department is like being a Baby Ruth bar in a swimming pool. "You a foreign have no chance to get into graduate school" THANKS PROFESSOR PRICK.

Anyway, for Rutgers to give money to a used up ho bag, no talent soon to be in celebrity rehap is just a disgrace. Stupid stuff like that is why most people around the country don't even know what state Rutgers is in.

That is why they will always be a second class school.

RJP-Calling Snooki a used up Ho Bag gives a bad name to other Used Up Ho Bags. I'm also happy you used the Baby Ruth in the Swimming Pool Reference, that joke, whether actual or innuendo always makes me giggle.

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