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Together Again Forever

I got a phone call from a close friend the day after I had to put my dog Molson to sleep.  The call came from the owner of Molson's BDF (Best Doggie Friend) with whom he grew up and spent lots of time with. Turns out that Brandy had passed away during the day and was found dead, almost exactly 24 hours, after Molson had passed.

Those that knew both of them know they were a heck of a team - often digging side by side and chasing squirrels, mice and deer together.  Molson usually the did the heavy lifting, digging furiously and moving rocks out of the way so that Brandy could go in for the kill before they both took turns playing with their "prize."  Brandy usually had first dibs to play and sometimes Molson would only get to play with the prize only after Brandy got tired or bored of it.











The dynamic duo....Molson lying on Brandy's back

Now, Mols and Brandy had not seen each other in some time but I do not think their passing was a coincidence.  You hear stories from time to time about couples that were married for YEARS and when one person passes away, the survivor follows closely thereafter, dieing of a broken heart.  I think Molson and Brandy shared a similar fate.

The two were so close growing up and for much of their lives that they had formed such a strong bond.  Dogs and animals in general, can sense so much more than we as people can and I think that Brandy sensed her BDF was gone and that she too had served her purpose in this world.  That, or maybe Molson came from whereever he is now and told his pal to come along.  

Either way, as sad and amazing as the news was to hear, I was happy to now know that whereever Molson and Brandy are, they are there together!

Time for a Molson and a shot of will both be missed!



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My deepest condolences to you and your friends on your loss of your beloved furry family members. We know how you feel for we have lost several beloved collie through the years. Yes, they are together and playing up a storm now and I believe someday when you move into the great afterlife they will be there to meet you. I am saddened by your loss for I know how it hurts.... but relish the time you had for it was a true moment of love and beauty in your life. Thank you for sharing their wonderful life stories with us.

May the Lord bring you peace and comfort,


Thanks, Chuck. I dreamt about my buddy Molson the other night. He was running around on a soccer field and seemed oh so happy!

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