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The Kid From Brooklyn - Bring Gas Prices Down

The Big Man is back! Listen as he tells President Obama what to do about gas prices!

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I am with you on this one, but how about the Senate? Last week we were told by an oil company that cutting taxpayer subsidies to the 5 biggest oil corporations is un-American. I guess the Senate agreed, so I have to pay taxes to foreign governments to allow big oil to make even more profit from me. Is something wrong with this picture?

Here is my video -

Hope you like it, Sir.

Hey Big Man.... What kind of pooch do you have? It looks like my pooches...I have 3 [triplets] Havanese doggies that I been raising from their birth 3 yrs ago.

Keep up the good work....I can remember when I started to buy gas it was 22 cents a gallon. We'll never get back to this so I sit home with my pooches and complain to them...but they don't listen just like those criminals in washington...

Domo minn---

The more the Federal Reserve devalues it's currency by printing the Dollar into extinction, the more investors file out of the dollar and into commodities in droves. It's not the "evil speculator", it's the insane monetary practises of the US Federal Reserve. Americans need to revolt against this parasitical cancer and their best bet for recovery is to kill Ben Bernanke and abolish the Federal Reserve or this will get worse. They have put America on the course to ruin, like a junkie that needs more and more injections to compensate for other areas lacking in their lives. They are the ones confiscating your wealth through the inflation their policies create so they can give tax cuts to the Corporations while you bleed to death. This is not because the Federal Reserve is stupid. They know exactly what they are doing and people don't understand nor realize it. Bernanke is the biggest enemy to the wellbeing of the United States. I have no hesitation in saying that he is even more dangerous and a bigger enemy of Americans than even Osama Bin Laden. When Bernanke is through destroying, America will return to slavery. He needs attention and quickly.

By slavery, I don't mean ancient Egyptian style forced labour slavery, but economic slavery where you are working longer and longer just to barely survive.

He does make a point in all seriousness. The purchasing of power of the Dollar is intricately connected with pump prices from the gulf into the gas stations. $100 in a full tank for a full sized SUV?

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