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Superman: The beginning of Clark Kent

I am sure you have all heard the story of Superman. Here is a reminder if you have or the whole thing alittle faster if not. First his real name is Kal-el, he came from Krypton, which was 8 universes away from our universe. Krypton was a very smart planet, all the people were smart in ways that we could only imagine. Kal-el's dad, Jor-el, was a born leader and was trying to help the planet by getting rid of bad guys, not the way Superman does, but by voting to send them into the outerspace into the Phantom zone, or something like the Phantom zone, I will hit upon that more later. Well he was a good person and married a good woman, who name escapes me so I will call her Diane. They had a baby, Kal-el, and lived happy for a long time. Jor-el though, found out that Krypton was in danger and going to explode soon. He made a craft and put Kal-el in it and sent to to Earth. He knew this baby boy could live on Earth and still be powerful and help those who needed help. Jor-el and Diane, sent Kal-el on his way, soon there after the planet Krypton exploded, killing all on the great planted, but leaving dust, which would soon become Supermans downfall, Kryptonite, but more on that later. It took 8 years for Kal-el to travel to Earth and the crash into the cornfield didn't kill him. Then a farming couple, who had no kids saw the rocket ship crash, went over there and found this ship and saw Kal-el. They took him as their own and he became Clark Kent. For their names were Martha and Jonathan Kent. All went smooth til Clarks teenage years, this is where todays story ends, find out more later. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, God bless.


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