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Superman: Clarks Teenage years and alittle bit beyond!

Well like I said Clark Kent always knew he had special powers but really didn't use them whenhe was very young. Then came his teenage years. High school years I should call them. We all had them and Clark was not immune although he was a powerful person. He hated high school, was kind of nerdy and picked on alot because of his glasses and his walk and look. When he got picked on he would calmly walk away, then after he was out of sight he would get mad and kick something and break it, then realizing he had did wrong he would fix it in a matter of seconds. He was a average grade student, studied hard, and fast, got okay grades. Didn't want to look to smart and give himself away so he flunked a few tests too even look more nerdy. He fell for a blonde named Lana Lang. She was his first love, before Lois Lane. He loved her with all of his heart, tried to impress her with natural gift but never could. He always liked her though and thought of her often. He tried out for the football team and they thought he was too nerdy so he didn't get on. The one day as he was talking to Lana by the football field, for he was the guy who washed the shirts, some guys invited Lana to a party in the woods. She said yes and went to ask Clark but while his back was turned some of the mean guys knocked the shirts on the ground and Clark had to rewash them. He said no to Lanas request but still did all of work and then raced home with his superspeed and beat them going to the party, for he lived on a farm but it was on the main route. They were shocked but Clarks dad was out in the yard and saw everything that had happened. That night he talked to Clark about his powers, telling him to use them for good from then on, and Clark agreed. That night while they slept, Jonathan Kent, passed away from heart problems. Clark was devastated and at the funeral wept like a real human baby but there was real tears there. He never forgot his dad and knew he wanted his son to be a reporter, so after high school he went to college and got a degree for the newspapers. Now Clark knew he couldn't get ahead in his hometown of Smallville so he tried to get jobs everywhere. Nobody hired him, execpt a newspaper out of Metropolis, named the Daily Planet. What happens next is for me to know and you to find out, so please keep following and enjoy. God bless.


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