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Random thoughts about the Tribe so far

The Indians, in impressive fashion added another series win to their young 2011 season resume. Entering the weekend series, I was very impressed by the Orioles starting staff and this caused me concern. This past Wednesday we had just lost two and were recovering until Friday night from losing a tough one when Durbin blew it extra innings. The responses by fans were none too kind to Mr. Durbin.

This series, the Indians have done well putting together solid, timely hits and putting runners on putting pressure on the Orioles pitchers and defense. Single after single, walk, bunt, double, homerun. Anything that is needed to help the team score is being addressed right away.

The lineup will have a shakeup that has been well-anticipated with the return of Grady Sizemore. The questions posed have been who will be going down to AAA Columbus when he is activated and where will he bat in the lineup. I think Acta does not want to tell until he has to tell, similar to how he handled the announcement of the 5th pitcher in the rotation, the 4th starter, Josh Tomlin. I hope that Sizemore will continue to do what is needed to make the lineup better and, whatever the case, have the lineup not skip a beat whether he bats 1-9 in the lineup.

The starters for the Tribe have gotten ahead by attacking the strike zone. This is no secret. What has been nice is that even though occasional runners get on and a run may cross the plate, the Indians are avoiding the big inning from their opponents.

The defense is getting lead runners, double plays, keeping the runs from scoring in bunches. We are getting outs when we need to get them. This is truly encouraging. The bullpen also is showing up and doing the job every night. It is becoming a formula that every team wants and we currently have.

We have had consistency from our bullpen, our designated hitter, our offense,  getting the lead fast and keeping the opponent from retaking the lead. We have had FUN as fans watching and can tell so far that the players are having fun too.

Still, the Royals too have a formula and are winning too. We will need to play smart as we go forward and not take any team, especially any division rival, for granted. It will be interesting to see how we match up against the Royals and then the Twins this week. I, myself am looking forward to it. Go Tribe!


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