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More about Superman!!!

Well we have went through the early, young, teenage and starting at the Daily Planet for Clark Kent or also known as Superman.� Now to go past and see what happens to him.� Well Clark was a good reporter, got the first story and pictures of Superman.� Everyone loved him, espically Lois Lane, who he liked alot too.� He would always act dumb and nerdy around her though.� For the longest time she had no idea he was Superman.� They began to date and began to get serious.� Lois ended up getting the first serious interview with Superman and Jimmy Olsen, the cameraman for them, got the pictures.� Lois was big news, but owed it all to Clark cuase he was "friends" with Superman he said and got the big guy to come do the interview.� Perry White, the Daily Planets chief, liked Clark too, I can't forget to mention him.� Life goes by for Clark and Lois.� Then one year, for they never age, like any good comic book hero, Clark proposes.� Lois says yes and they are truly and madly in love.� Then just about the time they are to be married, up from the ground come Doomsday.� Hes a vile creature, who kills and destroys everything in his path.� The Justice League, which Superman is a part of, tries to stop him.� Superman fights him hard because the rest of the group gets wasted by Doomsday, but just as Doomsday kills, Superman falls too.� He looks like he dies and everyone is shaken espically Lois.� Alot happens after that, but to make a long story, a short story, Superman was never killed, just put in a coma.� He comes back and is alright for the next few years.� To be more exact about 10-15 years pass in comic book story line until the next big fight for Superman comes.� He even has 2 kids during this time and becomes the chief of the paper.� The two kids are named Mabel and Rudy, Lois named them.� Clark is a great father and loves his kids.� They are about 5 years old, for they are twins, when this evil thing strikes the good city of Metroplois and threatens Supermans greatness.� Find out more in the next issue of this blog and please feel free to comment.


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