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A Storybook Beginning for the Red Sox

The 0-6 start for the Red Sox is a really good sign. Yes, you did read that correctly. The Red Sox of the last 25 years have always had to overcome long odds in order to have great moments. It has never been easy and 2011 will be no different. 

The 2011 Red Sox were picked to breeze to an AL East title over the Yankees, steam roll through the playoffs and then beat the Phillies in the World Series. That sounds awful boring and the Red Sox have never been boring.They have also never been great at being the favorite. Six straight losses the favorite tag is now off of them and history tells us that this team filled with talent has some great moments ahead of them.

At 0-3 we could compare these Sox to the 1998 Yankees who went on to win 114 games and the World Series. At 0-6, that talk has stopped and it seems like many have counted the Red Sox down and out a week after a season of such promise began. However, isn't it possible that the 2011 Red Sox could do something no other team in the history of baseball has done before? History tells us yes.

2004 ALCS Finals

2004 is the obvious comparison. The Red Sox did something that no baseball team had ever done and has yet to do since. They were down and out and pulled off the miracle. The comeback against the Yankees is what makes the 2004 championship so special. It is what makes it a great story. Can you imagine if the Sox beat the Yankees in 5 games and then went on and swept the Cardinals? Not exactly a great story there, kind of boring, very much like the scenario that many were predicting for this 2011 team.








2004 wasn't the only instance of the Red Sox coming back from the dead to triumph. Three years later the Red Sox were down three games to one against the Indians in the ALCS and stormed back to win the pennant and eventually the World Series. 


















The examples don't end with 2004 and 2007. There was the 2003 ALDS miracle. The Red Sox lost the first two games in Oakland in a best of five series and stormed back to tie the series and then win an incredible Game 5 in Oakland behind the relief efforts of Derek Lowe. 2003 didn't end the way Sox fans wanted thanks to Aaron Boone but many fans had given up on the Sox several days earlier when they were down 0-2 to the Athletics.

















Speaking of the ALDS and being down 2-0 in a best of five series, let's talk about those 1999 Boston Red Sox. The Indians were the opponent again and the Red Sox overcame the odds again. Nomar Garciaparra was never better and Pedro came out of the bullpen during the decisive Game 5 in Jacobs Field to shut down the Indians and move the Red Sox on to the ALCS.

















This October will mark the 25th anniversary of perhaps the greatest postseason in MLB history. 1986 is often associated with Bill Buckner and the cold evening in Shea Stadium. However, the 1986 Red Sox were not supposed to even get that far. They found themselves down three games to one in the ALCS to the Angels. It was in Game 5 when things looked their worst as the Sox were down to their last strike. Dave Henderson then went deep and the rest is history.











 The Red Sox are 0-6. A week into the season and they are no longer the favorites. The Rangers look incredible and a team very capable of defending their American League crown. The Yankees look better than the experts thought. 156 games left and the Red Sox are being counted out. No team has ever recovered from an 0-6 start to make the postseason, let alone win it all. This is how the story for the 2011 Red Sox begins. We have seen this story before, I think we all know how it ends.



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Hoping for the best for you. On ESPN Radio this morning Jayson Stark said that 46 teams have started the season 0-6 since 1900. Only 6 of those teams ended the season with a winning record. None of them won 90 games.

Still, this team has so much talent that I find it hard to believe that they will not win 90 or more games.

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