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The Kid From Brooklyn - Thanks Paul Rodriguez

The Big Man is back! Find out where he has been and what he has been up to!

See all of the Big Man's Videos Here!


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Hey where's the WEIGHT, huh? Your not the same anymore DUDE!!! I think your fucking funny but you ain't the same anymore, you look older and this rant wasn't good enough. I want to see a rage and rant out of ya that knock everyone on there asses by just listening to it. I need you to fucking piss on that guy from Boston and kick him in his rotten crewed up ass throw him on the curb and stomp his fuckin' face in.... I want to hear something better from you next time and fuckin' dedicate that shit to me you fuck!!! why don't you use these rants more on how fucked up our government is and the strings their pulling. The bilderberg club, Obama, global weather, the 2012 conspiracy and the international news. Spark that up your ass and I guarantee you'll have some of the best ratings you've ever seen and possibly be granted approval for a spot on national television sponsored by yours truely...

Mike belongs in a Scorsese picture along side Joe Pesci and his hair helmet.

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