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My man Chauncey! What is going on?

ImagesCALEG185 As much as I would like to sit at my computer and “wax poetic” about the current slide of the Knicks--I can’t.  I don’t have an explanation or a solution for this team’s inexplicable slide.  But what’s tangible and paralleling to this futility---is the play of Chauncey Billups. Two weeks ago, I wrote how he was the best point guard to suit up for the Knicks since Walt Frazier. Today, I don’t know if I can mention his name in the same sentence with Charlie Ward or Rorry Sparrow.  Seriously!

Okay, that might be a little harsh, but look at the wins vs losses, the ultimate measures of success.  Since returning to the line-up, the Knicks winning Pct. is sub .500, his stats: FG% .39, 3P% .30, FTA is 6pg, albeit half ass stats, they ring hollow like a “Steel Band’s Drum” banged out on Labor Day in Brooklyn.  Why? Billups built his reputation on doing the right thing with the “Money Ball”. But since returning from his deep thigh bruise injury, courtesy of a Dwight Howard “forget me not”, Billups appears lost on the court, hence there is a void in leadership that the Knicks so desperately need in this “Mamby-Pamby Land”crisis.  

 While Mr. Big Shot has been “mia” for the Knicks, he’s made an impact---for the opposition. Actually, playing offense against the Knicks is like playing six on four. I’ve seen middling to poor point guards from opposing teams conduct “lay-up drills” to the hoop, as if Billups was running in a pair of “concrete- for- the- feet Nikes.”  It’s embarrassing, but I won’t place the full blame on him. This is a collective failure. It’s no secret to followers of the NBA that these Knicks are an awful defensive team. There's no strategies, or help concept schemes in place to protect the point guards, who are constantly broken down off the dribble.  Defense is about passion, effort, hustle, all that good sounding crap, but ultimately it’s about game planning and collective scheming, and a commitment. It’s about five men communicating on the floor, having each other’s back.  Please don’t get me started….you all know how I feel about the EZ-PASS D!

What makes this Billups impasse concerning is the 14m option for 2012? The Knicks must assess which Billups they’re working with. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Deep down, I want to believe that he’s playing hurt from the thigh bruise. But at 14M on an option….can the Knicks afford to roll the dice on a 34 year old injury plagued point guard, and pass up on utilizing these invaluable “cap space resources” to explore the terrain for complimentary pieces? Based on what I’ve seen….I’m afraid I can’t co-sign.   


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Chauncey can't buy a hoop in crunch time or stop anyone on Defense. Is he worth that 14m opt?

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