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Is Tyson Chandler a good fit for the Knicks?

After researching the  pending 2011 free agent class, with subsequent "Leg-go" instructions and required Capology shenanigansE3ce2dd261614e13e810a8e2f5e3e96a-getty-103882113cp015_dallas_maver, the player that fits the Knicks in my opinion is Tyson Chandler. The Knicks need an athletic defensive presence who can average 25 minutes, while securing 8 to 10 rebounds and 10 pts per game. Chandler plays the Center position, and decent ones are a rare commodity in the today's NBA. Whether the Knicks have the creativity to sign him on the cheap remains to be seen.

At the conclusion of this season, the Knicks will  have absorbed 49M of a 58M Salary Cap--give or take. Thus leaving the team with modest wiggle room to shop for parts. This is the NBA of today.  Teams consist of top heavy rosters fortified by bottom feeders, or "Shaq" types, holding out  for senior circuit  max contracts. The bigger concern is the new "Collective Bargaining Agreement." If the NBA institutes a soft cap for the 2011-2012 season, it may benefit the Knicks. Conversely, they will need to summon the "Capology Gods"and Don Corleone to make  such a signing a reality. After witnessing last night's defeat to the Cavaliers....I've seen enough. Thus I co-sign  any activities leading toward this necessary transaction.

Some Good Bad and Ugly

After last night game against the safe to say the Miami Heat are having a melt down. Pat Riley is shopping for suits and looking to dispatch Eric Spolestra to Las Vegas to learn the Casino business. Chris Bosh's performance at the press conferene following the Magic defeat was troubling. Yo Chris, "You should act like a man!" I've said all along that he was Fredo in this  Miami Heat Melodrama.

File under trending: Since his time with the Heat, Shaq plays about 2 months... sits out part of the season with an injury...then make his return for the playoffs. Good work if you can find it.

Memo to Knick fans:  Quick and elusive point guards able to spot up beyond the "ARC"  will continue to be problematic for Knicks on defense. See- Jamir Nelson, Baron Davis, Steven Nash. Fact! ...Coach D' might want to emphasize perimeter defense.

NFL hypocrisy "yes we're concerned for the safety of our players...but what's another 2 games? .....Oliver Perez of the Mets will be on the opening day roster. We all know the Mets can't afford to cut him! "Brother can you spare some change?"  "Major League Baseball has cut us (METS) off!"

When did Derek Jeter become the Yankees target of disenchantment? Seriously?.....Say what you want, but its great to see relevant basketball played at  Madision Square Garden.


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