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Good News from Japan

Good News from Japan

Many of us have seen the horrible pictures coming out of Japan in the past two days.  Unimaginable destruction to nuclear facilities; fishing villages losing all their boats; loss of life in the thousands.  There seems to be nothing hopeful for the people of Japan to hold on to.......

Japan fishing boats

....Unless you look at a recent Gallop poll.  Acording to the poll, Chrisitianity is on the rise in this nation where Bhuddism is the unofficial official religion.  In a place where Christianity was "lucky" to number 1% of the population; the poll showed that 6% of the population now follow Jesus--and 7% among the teenage population. Take a look for yourself:

This is good news for Japan especially at a time of national tragedy.  In a time where it would be easy and normal to be hopeless, more and more people there have the opportunity to see the hope of the Jesus followers in Japan.  Japanese believers have a tremendous opportunity to be salt in a nation that is hungry for some hope right now! 

Japanese bible

As you think of the Japanese people in the coming days, pray for them to experience the hope that only Jesus can bring.  Pray that the believers in Japan can let their lights shine in their nation as the nation climbs out of the rubble.  Pray that the gospel of Jesus continues to grow in this nation. 

Japanese church

Keep the Faith,

David Stabler


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