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Collies In The Meadow-Who they are.....

I have had several ppl ask about the picture here on Collies In The Meadow.  Well, it is a picture that includes the past and the present with the future in it.  The collie in the back is Teddy, the last surviving collie from Niamh's time. 

Below him on the left is big Hallie who I deeply loved and was a lot like Niamh but was uniquely Hallie.  She sat like a human in chairs and the car and was a complete lady and the female Alpha after Niamh was gone.  But, then she would rabble rouse while my back was turned and then while the whole collie family was in a uproar she would innocently and with great concern come up and tell on them and then turn around and bark orders for them to straighten up becoming a hero, even after I figured out she plotted the whole thing in order to look like a good girl.

NExt to her is Lad.... her son who is part of the future generation at the time that was to take over. Lad and Smoke and Skylight are now the generation in charge. Lad was a collie who never slept, stood still or ever stopped moving.  A smart collie he loves his ball and was for years the leader of the charge around the yard.

In the front is Trevor.... still the Alpha male who is one the most lyal, gentle and loving collies I have ever known.  A true powerhouse for years he ruled with joy and fun around here and is still the ALpha male only because I back him up.  After his stroke last year he has made a remarkable recovery, but his endurance and long term strength is gone now.  I now spend my days making his life comfortable and giving my love to the collie who healed my heart after Niamh passed away by adopting me and loving me as his human. Trevor was the present leadership at the time of this picture, who is now part of the past yet still here ruling as the Alpha male as his right hand buddy Smoke is actually doing all the ALpha work now while still honoring Trevor by being submissive to only him! 

So, that is who is in the Collies In The Meadow picture here at Niamh's Misty Meadow Collies.


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