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Collies In The Meadow-Terhune took his collies for rides in this?

Here is a great picture of Albert Payson Terhune with his wife Anice with Wolf and Bobby in the back seat going for a ride.  Our collies love to go for rides, well most of them anyways, and they love to look out the windows and react to the world around them. 

I wonder when I look at this picture how they kept their collies in the car.  I do remember reading one of his collies did jump out one time going down the road and while not badly injured it was hurt bad enough it never did it again. 

But, I know our collies will look at things going down the road and I wonder if our cars were not enclosed if any of them would've jumped out. While most just look I have had a couple jump up on the window and I wonder if we had open cars now if they would've just hung out of the car to ook or if they would've jumped.  Scary!!!

What makes me really wonder is that Terhune writes they took their collies to town with them and they sat obediently in the car waiting for their return.  Now that is a really well trained collie.  Now, in Terhune's time a collie could sit there pretty much safely but in today's world dog nappers would have a field day wouldn't they?

I sometimes long for those days to return when one could tour around in open cars with low amounts of traffic and safely leave your open car and collie in town while you did business. What a much quieter and gentler world it was. :)

Wonder what happened to that car? 

Another shot of Bobby and Wolf with Terhune.  The secret to this picture is that Terhune didn't drive cars, he hated them preferring horses instead.


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