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Collies In The Meadow-Only one is left now....

As you can see the picture above was taken at Christmas time many years ago.  On the left is Niamh's MIsty Meadow Theodore Roosevelt.  Teddy is now and elderly guy here at 10 years old. Of these three collie only Teddy is still with us.

On the far right with the shiny bright eyes is Sadie. who when we brought Teddy home became his adoptive mother. Now Sadie was a grumpy collie and that she adopted Teddy was a surprise. Sadie loved cheese, loved to snatch food that wasn't hers. I saw her many times walk along like nothing was going on and when she walked by the kids she would open her mouth and snatch their sandwich, swallow it and keep on walking like nothing happened.  She also used to go up to my sandwiches and nudge it with her nose and stick out her tongue and pull out the lunchmeat without disturbing the bread.  That just made my day... ahem...

In the middle was my beloved Niamh of the Misty Meadow who brought me sl many blessings with her coming into my life, with her life with me and even her passing brought blessings. A more loyal, smarter, inquisitive and loveable collie I'll probably never find in my life.  My Niamh was my best friend and we went everywhere together.  I miss her everyday even after all these years.  Our collie family, Niamh's Misty Meadow is named after her to honor her impact on our life.

As stated earlier only Teddy is still here.  As he enters the final years of his life another era is about to come to an end here and its a sad thing to see.  But, as with all endings a new beginning is here with a new generation now coming to the forefront to carry on the collie family here.  To these three collies I give all my love and thanks for they brought us much joy, laughter and love.  Most of all, they were our family and we still love them today and will.... forever....



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