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Charlie Sheen gone too far

CharlieSheenMarch2009 Ten years ago, I saw Wall Street for the first time and it changed my life forever.  The life Bud Fox wanted to lead was the life I also wanted to lead, and I became awestruck of the amazing talent of the actor who portrayed him in Charlie Sheen.

I spent the next decade defending Charlie, reasoning his brilliant ability as an actor made up for his shortcomings.  Then the last few months soured me on Sheen.  He compromised TV’s top show, as well as the prosperity of everyone involved on Two and a Half Men with his hedonistic shenanigans. 

Since his last trip to rehab, the show is done producing episodes for the year, and its long-term status is in jeopardy.  Sheen wants yet another raise to come back, and this one is even more astronomical than the first.  He is now everywhere, from Twitter, to Howard Stern, to TV to newspapers, Charlie Sheen can’t be avoided.

While everything Sheen said was wildly entertaining, it is the last straw in my eyes as far as the respect I had for the man.  Sheen has become a parody of himself, a caricature or parody of the Hollywood bad-boy who scoffs at authority.  In reality, Charlie Sheen has simply gone too far, and he needs to get out of the spotlight and move on.

I’m not bashing Charlie Sheen for his lifestyle.  To a certain extent, I envy the devil-may-care way Sheen lives his life, as well as his ability to show no one can control him.

However, I am bashing him for his unprofessionalism in letting his fellow cast and crew of Two and a Half Men down.  Sure, when he was filming Men he always showed up on time and did all his work in an effective manner, but his off-set drug and sex parties ruined what was a good show.

Because of Charlie Sheen’s overdoses, production of Two and a Half Men Stopped TWICE.  Charlie Sheen wasn’t sick or injured, he overdosed, simple as that.  He partied way too hard with his “Goddesses,” and almost lost his life in the process.  Sheen’s private life is his own business, but his professional responsibility to his cast and crew should force him to not play too hard.

Here is a hypothetical question for you, the reader:  Let’s say someone who works for you.  They show up most of the time, and they do good work.  Let’s say this same worker uses hard drugs like cocaine, and every six months or so, is forced to go to the ER because of an overdose.  Would you fire that worker because they are undependable?  If you wouldn’t fire him or her, would you give the worker a raise?


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I am always amazed by how many people have said the movie Wall Street has changed their lives. I know I have at least 4 friends that are either stock brokers or bankers because of the movie. Although I never went into banking or money management, the movie got me interested in the stock market and I still watch the market avidly as a result of Wall Street.

It is a shame that Sheen can't seem to get his life together. He has portrayed so many great roles and has a lot of talent. Too bad be can't seem to enjoy his success.

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