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Azalea Invitational 2011 - Cowboys QB Tony Romo Pro Golfer?


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had a third-round 68 (which is pretty good) after he matched his first-round 75 with a second 75 on Friday to stand at 8-over par in the Azalea Invitational golf tournament in Charleston, S.C. He is currently tied for 53th, which is one of his worst finishes in the annual amateur event. 

Romo failed to make the cut last year, finished in a tie for 36th place at the event in 2009 and tied for 34th in the event in 2008.

I know with the NFL lockout the Cowboys’ players need to find things to do other than walk around area malls with their pants around there knees like WR Dez Bryant.  But being a football guy I have to say it I don’t want my QB out on the links where he is one missed swing from a damaged shoulder. 

I want my QB in the gym rehabbing his shoulder, looking at old film and getting together with his receivers to work on their communication and timing.  I know players will always have outside interests but until we win another Super Bowl I will have that little bird in the back of my head saying this just isn’t right. 

Romo1 53rd Tony Romo Burlington, WI 75-75-68--218 


63rd Azalea Invitational Round 3 Results Individual Stroke Play







1 John Tyler-Griffin Wilson, NC 69-66-64--199

2 Cheng-Tsung Pan Bradenton, FL 68-67-65--200

3 Emiliano Grillo Bradenton, FL 68-69-66--203

4 Patrick Rodgers Avon, IN 68-69-67--204

5 Jacobo Pastor N. Charleston, SC 70-68-67--205

6 Oliver Schniederjans Powder Springs, GA 68-69-69--206

Spencer Cole Greer, SC 69-67-70--206

8 Justin Thomas Goshen, KY 70-67-70--207

9 Jarrett Grimes Columbia, SC 72-73-63--208

Austin Reeves Greer, SC 72-70-66--208

Paul Tucker Waxhaw, NC 68-71-69--208

John Engler Augusta, GA 67-69-72--208

13 Brad Wilder Fort Wright, KY 72-71-66--209

Todd Mitchell Bloomington, IL 67-74-68--209

Steve Harwell Mooresville, NC 69-72-68--209

Jack Fields Southern Pines, NC 68-69-72--209

17 Jordan Spieth Dallas, TX 70-72-68--210

Stephen Behr Jr. Florence, SC 70-71-69--210

Jay Degenhart Savannah, GA 69-71-70--210

20 Nathan Smith Pittsburgh, PA 71-71-69--211

James Fox Dublin, Ireland 73-68-70--211

Corbin Mills Easley, SC 73-65-73--211

23 Ross Beal Orlando, FL 78-69-65--212

Rick Cloninger Fort Mill, SC 72-71-69--212

Steven Liebler Irmo, SC 75-68-69--212

Mark Johnson Stillwater, OK 72-71-69--212

27 Jeff Knox Augusta, GA 74-72-67--213

Kris Mikkelsen Atlanta, GA 70-72-71--213

Billy Kennerly Alpharetta, GA 72-70-71--213

McCuen Elmore Cheraw, SC 75-67-71--213

Kramer Hickok Dallas, TX 74-67-72--213

Mark Cusic California, MD 71-70-72--213

33 Anthony Paolucci Rancho Santa Fe, CA 74-72-68--214

Harold Wyatt Atlanta, GA 73-72-69--214

Patrick Winther Stillwater, OK 74-69-71--214

Bobby Leopold Cranston, RI 71-72-71--214

Jack Hall Sea Island, GA 73-69-72--214

Crawford Reeves Greer, SC 73-65-76--214

39 Sean Kelly Staten Island, NY 73-73-69--215

Jacob Burger Orangeburg, SC 71-68-76--215

41 Tim Jackson Germantown, TN 75-71-70--216

Ryan Heisey Greensboro, NC 70-75-71--216

Curtis Thompson Coral Springs, FL 71-74-71--216

Frank Ford Charleston, SC 75-69-72--216



41 George Gandranata Emeryville, CA 73-72-71--216

Jason Roets South Africa 71-72-73--216

Uly Grisette Clemmons, NC 70-72-74--216

48 Justin Hare Mt Pleasant, SC 75-71-71--217

Gettys Glaze Charleston , SC 70-76-71--217

Tripp Davis Norman, OK 75-71-71--217

Walker Taylor Wilmington, NC 74-71-72--217

Greg Earnhardt Greensboro, NC 72-73-72--217

53 Nick Biesecker Staunton, VA 78-71-69--218

Tony Romo Burlington, WI 75-75-68--218

Bryan Newton Gray Court, SC 74-74-70--218

Buzz Peel Delray Beach, FL 76-71-71--218

Christopher Brown Garland, TX 73-74-71--218

Robert Gerwin Cincinnati, OH 74-73-71--218

Jordan Byrd Pendleton, SC 69-74-75--218

Jack Larkin Atlanta, GA 73-68-77--218

61 Matt Laydon Charleston, SC 77-73-69--219

Jim Liu Smithtown, NY 75-75-69--219

Blake Morris Clearwater Beach, FL 74-74-71--219

Geoff Gonzalez Diablo, CA 77-69-73--219

Todd White Moore, SC 75-71-73--219

66 Stefan Brewer Charlotte, NC 77-74-69--220

Blake Kennedy Moore, SC 75-76-69--220

Nick Gilliam Gainesville, FL 77-73-70--220

Drew Czuchry Auburn, GA 74-75-71--220

Wyndham Clark Greenwood Village, CO 74-74-72--220

Bert Atkinson Charleston, SC 74-74-72--220

Domenico Geminiani Turin, Italy 76-72-72--220

Chris Corn Rock Hill, SC 72-75-73--220

Michael Muscatell Lake Wylie, SC 73-73-74--220

75 John Wright Aurora, IL 77-75-69--221

Robert De Biase Aventura, FL 82-69-70--221

Diego Tamayo Key Biscayne, FL 75-75-71--221

Jarryd Dillas Sandys, Bermuda 74-74-73--221

Brennen King Charleston, SC 69-77-75--221

Gene Elliott West Des Moines, IA 73-73-75--221

Cody Proveaux Leesville, SC 69-76-76--221

82 Filippo Zuccheti Massino Visconti, Italy 75-72-75--222

David Dannelly Easley, SC 72-71-79--222

84 Richard Hubbard Mt. Pleasant, SC 71-75-77--223

85 Mark Williams St. Augustine, FL 75-75-74--224

Bill Smunk Kingstree, SC 77-72-75--224

87 Nate Mosby Jacksonville, FL 76-76-73--225

Brad Benjamin Rockford, IL 75-75-75--225



87 Steve Slayden Charlotte, NC 76-73-76--225

90 Brooks Harlow Summerville, SC 78-74-74--226

91 Brady Exber Las Vegas, NV 79-75-73--227

Joe Cunningham Chestnut Hill, MA 77-74-76--227

93 Roy Hunter Charlotte, NC 75-77-76--228

94 Richard Ross Mt. Pleasant, SC 78-76-75--229

Randy Teegardin Charleston, SC 80-74-75--229

Stephen Mappus Charleston, SC 77-74-78--229

97 Michael Robb Davidson, NC 79-76-75--230

John Pitt Atlanta, GA 75-77-78--230

Cordes Ford Charleston, SC 74-76-80--230

100 Brandon Dalinka Newtown, PA 83-73-76--232

101 Bradley Kropp Edmond, OK 85-79-71--235

John Finnin Mokena, IL 80-78-77--235

103 Jim Lehman Minneapolis, MN 83-78-75--236

Tre Sheppard Mt Pleasant, SC 82-75-79--236

Mark Mance Whitefish, MT 79-78-79--236

106 Neil Fisher Charleston, SC 83-75-85--243

107 Austin Parks Mt Pleasant, SC 81-77-WD

Keith Kepley Charlotte, NC 81-76-WD

109 Walter Todd, Sr Laurens, SC 77-75-DQ


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