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Needing a prayer for a family member!!!

Hey there brothers and sisters in Christ,   I come to you today on bended knee asking for a prayer for my dads brother, my uncle Doug.  He has been battling lung and liver cancer and a bad heart for close to 4-5 years on and off that is.  He was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer and given 2 weeks to live, but that was 4-5 years ago so God blessed him with more time.  Over the last years he has lost alot of weight and been sick on and off.  He hasn't quit smoking and still eats bad but what does he have to lose, he is sick and dying.  He outlived two brothers, by close to 20 years.  He is a walking miracle.  I am not asking that you pray that he gets well for I even know that we shouldn't pray for that.  If it his time then I just pray he goes peacefully and without pain.  They start the morphine patches soon so that should help.  But please if you have a extra prayer please pray for peace for my Uncle Doug aka Bub, and that if the Lord won't cure him would He please take him home, that will make it all better for him.  Thanks and God bless, love you all and remember only Jesus saves!!


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