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NBA All Star break the best in sports

2011-NBA-All-Star NBA

NBA All-Star Weekend is by far the best All-Star Break in sports.  We are treated to an entire weekend of quality events that lead up to a usually outstanding exhibition between the absolute best in basketball.  Other sports may have a good game or event leading up to it, but the NBA’s All-Star break is a rare combination of both.

Last night we were treated to an absolute shootout between the Rookies and Sophomores, with the former prevailing over the latter.  Getting to see John Wall and Blake Griffin play together is an absolute treat normally reserved for an All-Star game, let alone a kick-off to the All-Star festivities.

Tonight we get the appetizers to the game itself, which in some ways surpass the All-Star game in excitement.  The Skills, Horse, and Three Point contests always entertain, compared to the NFL’s lack of any skills challenges that are worth mentioning.  Throw in the dunk contest, and you have the best Saturday night for basketball all year.

Tomorrow night we get the actual All-Star Game.  Granted, the game is always a shootout, but all the dunks and three pointers make for an exciting game.

While the MLB All Star Break is good, and the “this time it counts” shtick is great, no All Star Break provides more consistent firepower than the NBA’s.  This weekend, we get three great days of basketball, compared to two for Major League Baseball, and none for the NFL.  Oh wait, they play the Pro Bowl BEFORE the Super Bowl now?


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