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Lutheran or Catholic?

Hi there brothers and sisters in Christ,  Well for the last two days at work, of all places, we have been talking about Lutheran and Catholic denomination in the Christian faith.  First, we is just me and my brother in Christ, Chuck, and second, me and him have both denominations in us, but he is Catholic while I am considering myself Lutheran, although I have never joined the Church.  I have to be honest and say that I feel better, alot more calmer, reading a Catholic bible, and Chuck has had alot of bad stuff happen to him since he joined the Catholic church.  He is thinking of going back to Lutheran and I am thinking about joining the Catholic church.  It well be a life changer but my family has been through it.  My great great grandparents on my moms side were Catholic and helped build the St Marys Church here in Muskegon, MI.  On the other hand Chuck's family has been Lutheran and helped build a Lutheran church.  I know there is not much difference between the two, execpt Theology and what each other thinks about the Bible but we all have different opinons about everything, why deny who you are.  Am I afraid of being put down for being a Catholic when I join?  No cause its where God called me too and I knoe He will be there watching over me.  Well enough about me, hope you guys will respond to this and let me know whats the better of the two, but remember Catholic was the first Christian denomination. :)  Not that that means anything but hey its worth 2 cents lol.  Let me know what you think please, or let me know about your denomination and try to persuade me over there.  God bless and remember only Jesus saves!!




I've been both and loved both denominations. If you want to have more rules and guidelines and channels to work with the Catholic Church is it. If you want to walk the path a bit more independently relying on Faith, Scripture, Grace and Christ its Lutheran you want. Both are very traditional in their Liturgies, following the calendars and seasons and both believe Christ is present in the Eucharist. If you want to be guided by Tradition, The Pope and The Bible then go with Catholic. Both are beautiful in their own ways. Both are very similar with the exceptions of Saints, Pope and Theological issues like Faith by Grace and the importance of Good Works and a few other items. In my opinion both are wonderful.

However, the ELCA has had some issues of late that breaks with traditional Lutheran beliefs and the Catholic Church nowadays has a tendency politically to jump on the latest political fad...... But all denoms have their problems...

I don't feel either one is better, just unique in their own way.

God Bless You!

Chuck :)


I clearly believe the Catholic Church is where you should be. However, I don't want or expect you to follow what I say or anyone else.

I suggest you pray for guidance (I will be praying for your also), and look for God message. I am confident he will give you direction.

Whatever your decision, Christ died on the cross for all, not just one religion. So, there is no right or wrong answer.

Peace be with you.

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