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Knicks...Don't Mess This Up!

71772 While the swirling Carmelo Anthony rumors slowly morph into reality for Knickerbocker fans, the mere notion of James Dolan swooping in to play "Guitar Hero" (with trusty sidekick Isaiah) to expedite the negotiations with the Denver Nuggets is very scary. James Dolan and Isaiah Thomas can mess up a bowl of cornflakes..... this we know.

As long as Donnie Walsh continue to play the point, I can't see the Knicks messing this up. James Dolan involvement should be limited to his signature--his rubber stamp approval. The Knicks remain in the Cat-Bird seat, hence there's no need to mortgage the future of the franchisewhen free agency remains a healthy opition, providing there's no reasonable sign and trade. Do the Denver Nuggets have a shot at the NBA title? Not really. Can they afford to gamble and keep Carmelo beyond the February 24th trading deadline? Well....we all know how a similar scenario worked out in Cleveland. Morevoer, that situation has rendered the Cavs win-less since last year. And who is team they last tasted victory against?  You guessed it...the New York Knicks.... you gotta love the symmetry.

SuperBowl Notes

The Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin, is just as gracious in defeat as he is in victory! He's a stand up guy and an outstanding leader of men. I hope that NFl owners are filing away mental notes---and refence that folder when considering future minority coaching candidates.

Superbowl MVP Aaron Rodgers is the Prototype for Quarterbacks. His play since the New York Giants game--- has been...well, can I say unfair? How do you stop him?  I'll leave that up to NFL Defensive Coordinators to think about. If there's a lock out...they'll benefit from the extra time.

Skilled position players often change the course of a game. Going into the Superbowl I felt (my prediction ..GB 24- Pitt 20) the Green Bay Packers had an overwhelming edge in this category. They had the better QB, WR's, and DB's. In the end, they outplayed the Steelers skilled players. The game of football at it's core, always comes down to execution, desire and play-makers. We tend to over analyze the truth.

The NFL Hall of Fame class of 2011 left a legion of Chris Carter fans unhappy. Once again he was denied entry into this Fraternity of Gridiron greats. Please note that Chris was up against some legends of the game...with championship rings. Something that's missing from his otherwise..impressive resume. Although he is statiscally ranked with some of the greats of the game, Chris Carter never played in a Super-Bowl. Andre Reed played in 4, Tim Brown played in 1...and they are still on the clock as well....soon come...soon come. 

How many points will "Blake Must See TV" drop on the Knicks this week?  I still can't write about the will require major anti-depressants. February 26th...the Grapefruit League commences. Baseball is in the air, thus Spring is around the corner.


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