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Collies In The Meadow-Trevor raises hell!!!

For years Trevor has been the ultimate gentleman and one of the best mannered and well behaved collies we have ever had.  Alas, it has nto always been so for Trevor when he came to us while being housebroken had spent years in a kennel and had what I called kennel manners.  While he quickly became what I call civilized we had some fun and funny adventures before he learned his manners and here is a story from those early days.

Trevor had recently come to live with us and I was taking him everywhere with me to get to know him better and one day I went to a local animal supply store to get some items and took Trevor with me for they encourage you to bring in your "pets", as they call them. 

We drove down and Trevor sat next to me enjoying the ride and grinning gleefully as we drove along and as I pulled up to a parking spot next to a tree I got Trevor out and as I locked and closed the door I turned around to find him watering the tree. "Yes Trevor, it looks a bit dry" I Laughed as we walked towards the store.

In through the doors we walked and I went up and down a couple of aisles picking up some items I wanted to get while Trevor sniffed everything.  We came around a corner and it was the doggie treats aisle.  As we went down the Aisle a big sign pointed to three low bins full of three different doggie bone treats saying to let your dog try some free samples so it couold pick out the one it liked.

Before I could respond Trevor's ears flicked up and he headed for the bins and I thought what a smart guy he is as he strutted up and looked into the bin.  "Go ahead boy, try some Trevor!" I told him and he lowered his head into the first bin and sniffed.......

My grin changed instantly for I watched him snif... sniff again and then snort in disgust and he used his nose to fling the treats all over the floor because he hated them!!!!  As I scurried up to pick them up he went to the next bin and I thought perhaps he would like these instead and as I picked up the treats I watched him.....

He sniffed.... snorted and flung a bunch out and stomped over to the next bin with attitude. I could see he was mad... he was thinking this stuff is garbage... I wouldn't eat this crap!!!  I am hurriedly picking up the treats as he hits the third bin. 

He looks in.. sniffs and snorts loudly and flung more treats all over the floor as I scolded him for not acting civilized!  He snorted again and I scurried over to pick up these treats thinking how much he needs to work on his manners.

I turn to see what he is doing for he is snorting in disguxt again and I look across the aisle to see his disgusted face, to see him snorting angrily and then I saw the pole and his leg lifted in the air as the puddle rolled across the floor!!!!  He was letting them know what he thought about those lousy treats....

I scolded him and he looked at me, looked at the treats and snorted letting me know he thought they were disgusting!!!!

So, we walked off with me trying to find a clerk to let them know about his watering their pole when at the end of the aisle I met several women one of whom screamed "A collie!  OMG a Collie! I love collies!!!!"

So, for 15 minutes Trevor was petted, made a big deal over, had his ears rubbed, his chin scratched and he grinned gleefully ass he soaked up all the attention.  I could see him looking at me and read his mind that hey they love me like I am, why don't you?

So, we strutted off with Trevor putting on a show and ppl looking on in awe as he did his best show step! I found a clerk and told her what had happened and offered to clean it up as she smiled and said they didn't mind and would take care of it. 

We finished up the shopping and went to the checkout.  As we checked out the cashier asked if Trevor would like a treat and I told her he might, but that he is picky so don't be offended if he refuses.  She laughed and rubbed his ear as he grinned up at her and looked at me wondering where his treat was for he understands the word treat and was wondering where it was!

We finished and she handed him a treat and Trevor looked up a the woman and she handed him a treat.  Oh no, its the same treats he hated and much to my surprise he sniffed it and took it!  She smiled but then her smile turned into a look of shock as he snorted in disgust and flung his head to the right and flung the treat at least 15 feet through the air!!!

I apologized and grabbed Trevor's collar for he was getting ready to lift his leg onto the checkout to give his opinion about the treat he hated!  I grabbed the bag of items and we headed for the door with Trevor walking defiantly and with a stomping walk to the door with me telling him we don't do things like that.

Once out the door he looked up at me and grinned mischeviously and I had to laugh.  What a devil he was and he knew it, but he was a Alpha male at heart and he was used to kennel manners.  So, we made it to the car. I put the bag in the car and turned to help Trevor into the car.  He was watering the tree again and he lept into the car and sat down and grinned.

We drove off and Trevor smiled ear to ear for it was his first trip to the pet supply store and what an adventure it was!  He has been back numerous times and he has never repeated his escapades there having long since gained his civilized manners, but he still hates those treats but now he just looks at them disgustedly and snorts in disgust but that is all. 

Trevor is now old and feeble but he still has the Alpha Male attitude and manners.  Its who he is and I wouldn't change that for anything for that is who my Trevor is.....  A true gentleman who has that tough guy side and doesn't put up with anything.  He is my ol' Boo and my Trevor Forever! I'll never forget this trip to the store and everytimne I think of it I smile.....

Trevor and his sister Hallie a year after they came here to Niamh's Misty Meadow.  Trevor was a fun loving tough guy who never wanted to look soft in the eyes of the other colies.  I've helped him keep up this pretense for years now, but he ie perhaps the biggest softie I've ever had....  



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