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Collies In The Meadow-Trevor continues to age.........

One of the hardest things as all you who share your lives with dogs know is as they age they begin be unable to do things such as chew hard dog food.  Trevor at one time in his life didn't get the care for his teeth as he should've before he came to live with us. It wasn't wilfull neglect but it was because of many personal problems his teeth were neglected. 

Now, while he still has his teeth he finds it tedious and hard to chew a lot of dry, hard dog food.  So, Trevor is now at the point where we semi-soak his food and are contemplating using soft food for him to make it easier upon him.  I love him and I want him to live out his final years in ease and pain free. 

So, it gives me a chance to touch upon something important. Teeth care for your dogs.  MAking sure they have chew toys, raw hide bones and other self-cleaning items will help their gums and teeth to stay healthy. If that doesn't work, yes you can brush their teeth. So, please take care of their tetth or in their later years you may have to soak their food or feed them soft dog food to help them to be able to eat in their final years. 

So, as Trevor and I continue down our final part of our path together I now find that the once mighty, powerful burly Alpha Male that came here is now growing more feeble and more dependent upon me.  Part of me is saddened by this but part of it makes me appreciate that I have this chance to give to the wonderful guy who has given me so much.  As I hold him and talk to him and look into his graying, aging face I see his love for me and I know he sees my love for him. I am so glad to be able to take care of him and to show him my love and in a way to give back to him after he gave me so much after the loss of Niamh. 

He is my Trevor forever and while I fear for the future I also thank God that I have had my ol' Boo in my life. I will always love him and I am making note of every minute we have together now.... our time together is rapidly dwindling away but I am so appreciative and thankful for the time we had together.  God Bless My Old Trevor!!!

Thank you God for Trevor!!!


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