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Collies In The Meadow-The Schnapp, Ginger that is...

Austin and Ginger_7wks_2_26_2010_17e
One of the most spectacular gifts I've ever received in my life was Ginger.... her mother is Trisha the daughter of my beloved Hallie.  The wonderful friends of ours at Glendale Farm Collies bred Trisha to their spectacular Brighton and offered me a puppy and I asked for a lil girl if she had one.  I planned on paying for her but they gave her to me and I was stunned and am to this day so grateful for this gift!

Above is Ginger with her beautiful brother Austin who is on our left in the pic...

Austin and Ginger_7wks_1e
Austin and Ginger at 7 weeks.... weren't they beautiful!!!  Ginger is intensely intelligent and a real sparkplug leading the chase around the yard now!

Ginger at 5 weeks! She is saying hi!

Ginger at 7 weeks playing at Glendale.  She is a real character and she is so gleeful as she wrinkles her nose and does something mischevious.  I am teaching her to count.  I count to five and she is learning to bark the number back to me.... :)

This is the beautiful Trisha with Ginger.... Trisha is a white with Tri face and looks exactly like her mommy, our Hallie.  I thinks she is a beautiful girl and hope someday to meet her.

The moment I met Ginger whom I affectionately call snap but is pronounced schnapp.....

The moment she met our collies!

Ginger leaping through the air having fun....

I'm growing up dad!

Fun 12
I'm growing up even more.. ain't I cute?

Who is in there?  

So, what do you think? Did I grow up beautiful or what?

Thats me, the Ginger Schnapp..... I love Mick, he is my best friend.... I enjoy leading the chase around the yard and only Laddie has made it around the yard more times without getting caught than me... I'll break that record.  Come back soon and see more of me.... for I plan on being the star of the show like I always am!


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