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Collies In The Meadow-The Cycle, A Collie Zen story

Through the years I explored many religions, many types of pathways and each of them has left a impression upon my life and my collies.  While I a Christian I do believe each pathway holds many truths, insights and helps for the path of life. 

Years ago I studied Zen and loved it.  Part of our exercises in exploring Zen was to write stories applying it to what we saw in life around us. This story is based upon many ppl I know and put in a zen atmosphere to explain things I had learned..... hope you enjoy.  

The Cycle-A Zen Collie Story

Banbu rubs the old collie's belly as she groans and wags her tail giving him the ol' cute eyes look. Ah, dogs
 so in the here and now, so loving and so non-judgemental. Too be more like a dog.....

The Teapot steams as the Sencha brews as the mysts roll across the valley below. Banbu sees Banbu woman
 hanging laundry on the line and she glances over and gives him the buddha finger (*China recently sent one
 of Buddha's fingers to Hong Kong to put in a Temple there, it became a joke about the middle finger*) as
 Banbu laughs and gives the buddha finger back.

Across the valley he sees the old sensei warrior flash the buddha finger also and he looks at the Soap Lady
 swinging through the branches with her papoose strapped to her back flashing the Buddha finger also. Ah

yes, another one of those days.... the collie groans and rolls so her head sits on his lap and she groans
even louder urging her stomach be rubbed more... banbu blinks for he could've swore the collie gave him
the buddha finger also. Just then the oldest collie walks by with her eyes shining and staring straigth ahead.
 As she passes she opens her mouth wraps it around the bread toasting on a stick over the fire and without
breaking a step snatches it and keeps walking as if nuthin had happened. Ah yes, another one of those

Banbu pours tea for himself and a cup for the stranger coming up the pathway. He can feel her sadness
from here. Ah.... this person had recently lost someone close to her. Such sadness...

As she came to the fire Banbu motioned for her to sit as the Collie groaned her approval of her neverending
stomach rub. Banbu pulled a piece of the toasting bread off the stick and broke it offering the woman a piece
 of it. She bowed and took the bread eating it and sipping her tea.

Finally, she spoke; "I've come for recently someone I loved left for the otherworld. I am so sad, why does
this have to happen? Can you help me understand all of this?"

Banbu offers her more bread and pours her another cup of Tea as the old collie looks up at him, waiting for
her tummy rub to continue. She groans her approval as Banbu begins rubbing her tummy again.

"Ah, I am sorry for your loss. The pain is deep and it is hard. There is nothing worse than the loss of a loved
one." The woman sighs and asks:"But... why? Why does this have to happen?"

Banbu looks at her and offers her more toasted bread: "Now follow me closely. Close your eyes .... just
follow my instructions... close your eyes.... now take a slow deep breath inwards..... hold it.... now let it out.
Do it again.... now again....."

Banbu watches her relax and then speaks: " Now as you breath envision your breath as a lifetime.....
the in breath being birth and growing up... the holding of your breath being the middle years of your life...
the exhaling of your breath being getting old and then as it is gone the death. Do this ten times.. thinking
on this with each breath.

Banbu watches her breath and sips his tea and the collie groans her disapproval of the tummy rub being
interrupted. But, her eyes glow with glee as he begins again. The woman finally stops and opens her eyes
and looks at Banbu.

She speaks: "So, death is the natural cycle of life isnt it?" Banbu smiles and offers her more toasted bread
and pours her more tea. She drinks and looks at Banbu"But, it doesnt take the pain away."

Banbu nods and speaks; " It never does, but at least you understand that it is natural and will happen to all.
 You see, think about everything in life. None of it is permanent. Everything is created, born, exists and dies.
 It is the Way. No amount of of worrying, protesting or fighting will end it. It just is, one must accept it and
make the most of every moment one has. Then, cherish and remember each moment one had with those
they love."

Banbu smiles and continues: " The home you own will eventually be gone, the store you shop at will be gone,
 your favorite tree will die, the car you own will become junk, friendships come and go, countries rise and fall...
. everything cycles."

Banbu then speaks more:" The pain you feel will eventually turn to fond memories, and in time you will join
this one you loved in the afterlife. Then, depending upon your faith and Way you will either come back
together, move into a paradise together, or watch over those you love together until the time comes when
you return to the source. The cycle continues on in every realm and every world. It is part of the Way.
Does this make sense? I know it doesnt ease the pain, but do you understand and does that help to a

The woman smiles sadly and nods. She stands to leave bowing and saying thank you. Banbu smiles :
"I will be praying for your healing. Feel your sadness, cry, weep, scream, be angry and sad. Feel it, accept
it as it to will cycle. Then, try to focus on the cherished memories and try to carry on in a way to make this
one proud and happy of you. In the meantime dont stop your life. Carry on, doing all things you always
do for life must go on. To do so will help the healing process. You will survive, you will heal as much as is
possible, but focus on moving into the future while cherishing the memories and the time you had."

The woman offers some food from her back pack and Banbu speaks softly: "Offer it to the temple, shrine
or church or to a poor person in the name and memory of the one you loved." The woman stops, thinks
and smiles and begins down the pathway.

Banbu looks down at the collie who snuggle her head on his lap and groans her approval of her stomach rub.
 "Ah, someday the cysle will happen to your stomach rub, but until then we both will enjoy it eh?"
The collie opens her mouth as Banbu drops the bread in and she eats and groans as life doesnt get any
better than this. Ah, to be a dog.....

Meanwhile Banu looks up and sees two brooms fly with a young couple holding hands, a child on the back of
each broom and a young black puppy laying on its back getting a tummy rub while riding on the broom also...
Banbu smiles, yes the cycle does continue....

Chuck 2001

Zen Schmen, just give me a belly rub will ya?


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