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Collies In The Meadow-Some of our puppies grown up......

Through the years as we have placed our puppies in safe, loving forever homes we found through intensive checking to make sure the pups were adopted in great homes one of our requests to those who have given our puppies a good forever home is for them to update us on how they are doing and to send pics....  Most do and have and they perhaps will never know how good it make us feel to see the puppies as they grow up and to find out what they are up too.... 

For those who don;t do it and for those who do not know a person who breeds any animals should never figure their part in the dogs life is over when they go out that door. We always are open to questions, request, to be helpful or whatever we can do to help the family and their collie bond and have a better life.  It is something we relish and enjoy and love. Seeing those babies all grown up just makes our day and we love to see how they look now.... recently we received some picvs and we will post a few here withholding the family names to protect their privacy....

Heather clean_20110127_999_8
This is Heather who was the leader of the litter she was part of.. 9 crazy lil collies who made us laught endlessly. Heather was the first to do everything.....  she was the leader of the puppies and I loved her deeply.  However, because she is a merle and I have three merles that are males she was found a wonderful home and I had tears in my eyes when she left. I still love her and love to hear the updates about her and see her pics....

Amber puppy during 2011 Blizzard
When I saw this picture of Amber all grown up I was stunned! She is absolutely beautiful!!!!  She has a wonderful home with another doggie sibling and with two of the nicest ppl you could ever meet!  Amber made me laugh more than any other puppy!  When her eyes first opened I picked her up and looked into her eyes and she looked back and then screamed loudly in absolute terror!  I had to laugh and hug her.

Later I was holding her and she screamed at me and I imitated her scream which made her scream even louder!  So, I imitated her again and she then let out the loudest scream I ever heard a collie give (I didn't know a puppy could scream that loud!) and I looked at her and told her she had won!  She loved it...

Amber rode away one day in a truck with her wonderful new family standing on the console like it was her truck... which I hear it now is.. LOL..... 


This lil girl was a joy to our lives.....   She has a wonderful home and is deeply loved.  A spunky lil girl she loves to have a lot of fun.   Lily was the runt of the litter and had and still has that I can do it attitude that most runts seem to get.  One of our greatest joys is watching her grow up into the young beautiful collie she has become! 

Those are a few of our puppies who now have wonderful homes and we have recently been updated about. :)  We hope you have enjoyed seeing these babies as much as we have!



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