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Collies in the Meadow-Merles


Skylight and Smoke.  Skylight is Hallie's son and Smoke is Anya's son, but they both are sons of Marcus of Glendale!

Mick, the son of Skylight and Anya is a White Sable Merle.... his eyes are full of love, he weighs 110 pounds (his dad only goes 55 lbs.) and part of one eye is blue!!!  A more gentle and loving collie I have never known.  He may be a father after breeding Lassie of Red Fern Farm Collies.

Mick with Branwen.... she is our biggest girl at 90 pounds.  These two along with Smoke are above the standard size for collies. The rest all fit within the guidelines for proper collie weight and size. Mick's best friend is our white sable Ginger.


Walter is almost as sweet as Mick in temperment. He spends his days wrestling with Rutherford and trying to steal Lad's ball. 

Walter loving me up while his dad Skylight is in the background...

Skylight, our main stud will now slowly be turning over this role to his son Rutherford.

Smoke is a clown and our biggest baby of all.... who would think it at 85 pounds?  Pure muscle he is one tough, strong guy! 

Mick looking beautiful and happy. I've never seen a collie who is so happy!

Our Skylight looking beautiful!  He loves the girls and they are his hobby even when not in cycle.  He hopes you come back to visist more about our collies at Niamh's Misty Meadow Collies!




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