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Collies In The Meadow-I remember her being a puppy now she may have her own puppies....

Brandy, was born on January 8, 2007 at 5:30 pm..  She was the first born of 11 puppies, 9 of which survived. NIAMH'S MISTY MEADOW BRANWEN is the daughter of the beautiful Red Fern Anya and our wonderful Tapderro's Black Majesty (Trevor).   We saw her for the first time on January 17th, the day before what would've been our Niamh's tenth birthday.  The picture to the right (click on for full size) is of Brandy in my hands.  When I first held her, she sniffed my hands and then as I held her closely she sniffed my face and snuggled down into my hands and briefly went to sleep.  Then, as I stroked her chin she suckled my finger and as I sat her up this picture was taken.  She is a beautiful lil girl.  Her name, which mean white raven in Welsh, took on a special meaning as she has a white marking on her body that looks like a white bird in flight.  We want to thank our friend at Red Fern Farms for making this all possible.  A big thanks to Teresa, Trevor and Anya and especially to God for this special lil puppy!

I wrote that years ago when we brought Branwen into our family and now that she looks to be expecting puppies (not sure yet, it could be a false pregnancy) I found myself thinking about the first time I met her and how it seems like yesterday she was a tiny puppy herself.

Meeting Branwen the first time!!!!

Meeting Branwen the second time....

The day Branwen coming home with her hat and scarf on......  she was so cute....

After Branwen came home she took charge right away marching the boys around the yard!

Branwen nowadays with Skylight her mate with whom she may be expecting puppies.....

Lets hope Branwen is indeed with puppies.  It is interesting that our puppy is now heading towards having her own puppies... :)


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