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Collies In The Meadow- Hallie Gal, who made me laugh more than any other


Hallie and pupsBig Hallie and Marcus with some of her pups... The lil girl she is sniffing is Trisha who now lives with my great friends at Glendale Farm Collies.

Hallie looking pretty

My favorite shot of big Hallie

Hallie looking happy

Halie and Anya in their younger days.. its hard to believe they are both gone now....

Hallie with Wyatt who is now at Glendale

Happy Hallie thinking about something mischevious

Hallies' brother Trevor, her sone Lad and her

Someday again I will hold you my Hallie......

Hallie greeting me right after a day of work....

Getting ready to spunk about... my good ol' Hallie

Hallie happily spending time with me.....

Out of the swriling center of rowdy collies comes Hallie, who never missed anything

Walk 5
Hallie with Trevor.......

Hallie plotting....


I was missing my ol' Hallie today and just put together these pics.  She blessed my life with her graceful, roaring silent presence and I loved her deeply.  I still love her and miss her daily.  I now have lil Hallie her granddaughter who could almost be her twin.  While lil Hallie is almost exact in her personality, she is uniquely lil Hallie and fills a place in my heart for her. However a broken place in my heart still loves, misses and mourns the girl who made me laugh more than any other collie, who surprised me more than any other collie and who was as human as any collie could be. 

Someday when I pass on I hope one of the first faces to meet me on the other side is one who is looking at me pouting, then her eyes filling with loving mischief as we meet and hug once again.... my Hallie.  May God hold you safely in his hands till I get there Hallie... I couldn't name our collie family after you so I did the next best thing, I named a wonderful lil collie, your granddaugther after you.  Thank you Hallie for all you did and for your love....



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