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Collies In The Meadow-Fun in the Snow

The expecting parents Skylight and Branwen frolicking in the snow and wondering if they do have puppies on the way here at Niamh's Mist Meadow Collies.

Skylight wondering where all the girls are!!!!

Hi everyone, my name is Ellie!  We love the snow!

Lad and his ball!  He ran after it for a long time today.....  I went off to push back snow piles from the driveway and he watched the tractor for he loves mechanical items!

Throw my toy dad!!!  But be gentle for puppies may be on the way!

Quick, I'll get behind him and you jump on him and when he falls everyone grab a arm or a leg and yank... hehehehe


wow!  Glad I wasn't part of that plan... dad is pretty mad now... think I'll just stay here and look pretty... 100_3111
Ooops... didn't think knocking him down and trying to rip his arms and legs off would come out like that... think I'll just go in now and try to act innocent....



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